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Уникальное обозначение: a letter to a potential investor with the project « Vasilisa YAVIX »

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A letter to a potential investor
with the project «Vasilisa YAVIX»

    The purpose of the present letter:
  • - to find an investor for the project realization;
  • - establish relationships with people interested in creating artificial intelligence;
  • - conduct an expert review of project for compliance with the stated objectives of the project the possibilities of its implementation.
    The letter consists of two parts:
  • - appeal to a potential investor;
  • - brief presentation of the current status of the project.

The appeal to a potential investor

Over the past few years our group has developed a new information technology. 
This technology will allow to solve the problem of creating artificial intelligence.

We understand that the creation of AI will lead to:
- a qualitative change in the technological picture of the world; 
- the emergence of new , not previously existing market segments;
- change in the quality of life and as a consequence, changing the fundamental values of human life.

We also understand that the creation of artificial intelligence in Russia, gives her 
global advantage in the development of to other countries. 

We understand that the question arises about the feasibility of such a system. 
Today the layout of virtual personality «Vasilisa YAVIX» bred in Internet at yavix.ru. 
We believe that this is a demonstration of a principal possibility of creation of artificial 
intelligence. We are ready to conduct a detailed examination to confirm this thesis.

The team speaks to a potential investor with the offer to participate 
in the project on creation of artificial intelligence (an intelligent computer).


Presentation of the draft «Vasilisa YAVIX».

  1. The purpose of the project.

    Our goal is the creation of artificial intelligence (AI). Under AI we mean the following:

    Artificial Intelligence is a man-made system with the following five properties:

    • Learning is a process, when all external influences on the system remember it for further use in their activities;
    • Self-adaptation is a process when the system builds a model of the external environment in an internal representation and a specific it goals, looking for the best actions for the environment;
    • Self-organization is a process when the system knows how and can change its structure described in the internal information space in accordance with the underlying objectives;
    • Self-motivation is a process when the system knows what stands in front of her and can change them. In other words, the process of goal setting is part of self-organization and capable of change as any part of the system, the system;
    • Self-development is a common process of evaluation based on self-learning, self-organization,self-motivation, self-adaptive internal changes and internal States of the system, which leads to start memorizing or clearing the results of changes in the internal description of these processes.

  2. Problem.

    The complexity of reality requires the creation of a helper for man, for the solution of intellectual tasks. (robot-driver robot-maid, intelligent search agent system to solve intellectual scientific challenges and the like). The first AI created will get the advantage of a global development.

  3. Solution.

    The creation of artificial intelligence will solve most of the problems facing modern man. As the preparatory platform for creating AI developed a new display technology in virtual reality space. Based on models of reality that are placed in the virtual space, the AI system has the ability to build a model of a particular situation and find her reaction. Virtual space is able to accommodate all of human knowledge about the surrounding reality, so the system is applicable in all fields of human activity. Proof of the feasibility of the problem is the system model, derived in the web at yavix.ru.
    The purpose of the above model is to demonstrate the possibility of AI and introduction to the future potential customers with the brand project «Vasilisa YAVIX».

  4. Why now ?

    Critical mass of knowledge and technologies in the field of AI, and increased computing power.

  5. Market volume.

    Before every modern man every day in the course of its activities are intellectual challenges. Every person is a potential user of the project.

  6. Product.

    Software system solves intellectual problems.

  7. Team.

    3 people:
    • Scientific head of the project;
    • Project administrator;
    • Developer of the project.
  8. Business model.

    An innovative approach.

    • the definition of what is important for user AI, i.e. anyone can make a profit;
    • identify where you can make a profit with high profit;
    • the definition of how to obtain the market share on the identified direction;
    • search of ways of the organization, uphold and protect the high profit zone.

    The business model is based on the actual standard. The value chain here may include the creation of the computer («hardware»), create a language, an operating system or software applications. Note in this scheme, logistics sign, the actual standard defines motion parameters of the flow of innovation accelerates or slows them down, makes the stream wide or narrow, includes a flow control mechanism a number of participants, placing barriers or expanding the number of participants in removing barriers. There are stakeholders: suppliers of basic equipment; they create an effect of type «push», the application developers and users — they create the effect of the type «pull». The types of business models: B2B,B2C,B2G,G2B

  9. Competitors.

    Provided that we understand under the AI system defined in the objectives of the project, to date, of competitors in the market. There is no market because nobody has managed to create such a system. On the other hand, a lot of players focused on this market. For Example : Google, Microsoft, WolframAlpha, Yandex

  10. Advantages over competitors.

    The difference between the capabilities of the sending system from the possibilities of modern computer systems can be compared with the intellectual differences between man and apes. These advantages allow implementing the principle of arbitrariness in the search of information in the broadest sense and, as a consequence, different quality to meet the needs of the user.

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