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Test your performance! - Zone.ee (+372) 688 6886 Help Status My Zone E-mail ZoneCloud est rus eng Zone.ee logo Domain registration Web & e-mail Cloud Business solutions Web Hosting plans Compare Web Hosting plans Free Zone+ Applications Simple pagebuilder Voog Nimbusec Free migration Web application firewall Test your performance! Is your e-shop ready for campaigns?Good websites load under 1 second, frontpage remains under 1 megabyte and consists of no more than 100 files.


Testi your website:

How to improve your PageSpeed?Compare your results with companies who participate in E-smapäev campaign https://zonemon.eu/esmaspaev/ Join us on Mondays 15.00-19.00 at  Pop-up helpdesk SpringHub  and ask for advise – it´s free!When Shared Web hosting is not enough – take Smart Dedicated Server  Just as convenient to manage, but has the extra power you need and the hardware serves only your web.How does my result compare with others ? Check all results!


Host TTFB sec CMS PageSpeed HTML size kB Elements Size MB First paint sec
onoff.ee 0.42 60 35.3 179 4.0 1.2
astri.ee 0.38 61 48.7 92 1.5 1.5
kehapood.ee 0.08 WordPress 40 70.9 272 3.8 1.4
azzza.ee 0.07 WordPress 81 34.1 215 4.1 1.1
bbqentertainment.com 0.02 WordPress 66 29.6 109 2.4 1.8
gd.ee 0.11 Magento 61 8.4 109 3.2 2.0
autopartner24.ee 0.37 40 17.2 111 2.9 0.7

All participating e-shops: https://zonemon.eu/esmaspaev/

How can I improve my performance?

Peeter run the same tests during 2019 spring campaign and talks about them in his Tallinn WordPress meetup presentation:

More questions?Join us on Mondays from 15 to 19 in Pop-up helpdesk @ SpringHub or write to info@zone.ee Zone.ee logo

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