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Domain registration - Zone.ee (+372) 688 6886 Help Status My Zone E-mail ZoneCloud est rus eng Zone.ee logo Domain registration Web & e-mail Cloud Business solutions Domain registration Transfer and change of owner Prices .ee domain auction .se domain .me domain Domain registrationDomain search helps you find free internet address – we offer .ee, .eu, .com, most European country domains and new top level domains, more than 360 choices
Would you like to transfer your domain to us  or  change domain owner? Country domains, like .ee, .fi, .lv

Choose .ee for Estonian market , cover Europe with .eu or be local: .at (Austria), .be (Belgium) .by (Belarus), .ch (Switzerland), .cz (Czech Republic), .co (Colombia), .de (Germany), .dk (Denmark), .fi (Finland), .fr (France ), .hr (Croatia), .is (Iceland), .it (Italy), .li (Lichtenstein), .lt (Lithuania), .lu (Luxembourg) .lv (Latvia), .nl (Netherlands), .pl (Poland) .pt (Portugal), .ro (Romania), .se (Sweden), .si (Slovenia), .co.uk (United Kingdom)

Popular domains, like .com, .net, .org

Internet started with these top-level domains – and while most interesting names are taken it’s worth the try.

You can also find .fm, .me, .mobi, .info, .biz, .tv, .ws and micro-countries with TLDs that may sound interesting like .ac, .cc, .co, .io, .vg, .shNew top-level domains, like .beer, .design, .pinkDomain names that describe what you do – not where and whom you wan’t to sell – fit well with borderless internet. Starting businesses are often using domain search to combine their name with .agency, .apartments or .beer and try options like .pink .ninja. See all domains and prices Why register a domain name at Zone?
Cheap Free name server hosting and domain parking
Convenient User-friendly domain and web-hosting management via My Zone
Fast Fully automatic domain registration and web-hosting activation/creation
Secure DNS servers in three locations and availability of DNSSEC
Easy Add web-hosting service to domain registration application and receive website as well as email service in 15 minutes
Registering multiple domainsWhen registering multiple domains and planning on using Zone web-hosting services, bear in mind that you can redirect them free of charge via alias to virtual server in Zone. It allows accessing the website via multiple domain names and email addresses also work with several domains. Aliases can be also added to the subdomain of a virtual server.Renewing the domain name

All the domains are registered for a fixed period of time and therefore domains need to be periodically renewed.

When you keep contact information up to date, there is no need to worry about the sudden expiry of your domain. We will notify you beforehand about the ending of domain registration period.

Domain can be renewed in My Zone via domain management. Zone.ee logo

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