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Dedicated Server - Zone.ee (+372) 688 6886 Help Status My Zone E-mail ZoneCloud est rus eng Zone.ee logo Domain registration Web & e-mail Cloud Business solutions Smart Dedicated Server Dedicated Server SSL certificate Dedicated Servers combine guaranteed performance with total controlWhat?

Server housing, connectivity and hardware in one package. Full control over server functions.

For whom?

Professionals and enterprises who have the know-how to plan resources ahead of time and manage a server.


Its an ideal choice if you need to design your server platform down to the most minute detail yourself and every clock-cycle of the processor must serve you.

Dedicated server pricesWith VAT
Service plan I II
Bargain price
(monthly cost when paying yearly)
182,90 € 219,48 € 412,96 € 495,55 €
Monthly price 199,50 € 239,40 € 450,50 € 540,60 €
Installion fee *
* If you have been at Zone for 6 months with any hosting service, we will forgo the installation fee.
60,72 € 72,86 € 121,44 € 145,73 €
Order Order
Manufacturer Fujitsu Fujitsu
Processor Intel Xeon E-2134 4C/8T 3.50 GHz Intel Xeon Silver 4214 12C/24T 2.20 GHz
RAM 32 GB 96 GB
Storage system 2x SSD 6G 480GB Mixed-Use RAID1 4x SSD 6G 480GB Mixed-Use RAID 10
Ingress speed 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s
Egress speed 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s
Monthly transfer limit 5 TiB 15 TiB
Zone software platform
Zone server management service
Available now + +
Order Order
Microsofti software usage right for one monthWith VAT
Windows Server 2016 Standard 2 Core 10,8 € 11.75 €
Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition 1 CPU Core 12,66 € 15,19 €
Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 1 user 21,89 € 26,23 €
Remote Desktop Services 1 user 7,15 € 7,37 €
VPN for accessing iRMC access panel 5 € 6 €

The operating system license will be added to the server automatically, to license additional software, please contact us at sales@zone.ee

Hourly fees for hands-on services provided by Zone technical staff on the request of the client

Hourly fees for hands-on services provided by Zone technical staff on the request of the client . Backup restorations made on request of the client are billed as 0,5 hours of work, not the actual restoration time.

A Dedicated Server includes:

Fujitsu hardware

Hardware with on-site warranty and an option to use the cold-standby server if needed

server housing internet connectivityResponsibilities are divided as follows:ZoneServer housing Internet Connectivity HardwareClientOperating system Software platform Server management Installing applications Managing applications Zone.ee logo

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