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Wikidata:Lexicographical data

Ordia Ordia

Searches for a lexeme or a form and shows general statistics of lexicographical data

by Fnielsen

Ordia – Text to lexemes

Searches all lexemes of an input text.

by Fnielsen

Wikidata Lexeme Forms Wikidata Lexeme Forms

Shows a form to create a new lexeme with a standard set of forms, e. g. the declensions of a German or Latin noun, or to edit the forms of an existing lexeme.

by Lucas Werkmeister

Wikidata Senses Wikidata Senses

Shows the list of languages and number of Senses that are missing, then after selecting a language, shows a random Lexeme that needs a Sense so the user can create it.

by Vesihiisi

Wikidata Lexeme graph builder Wikidata Lexeme graph builder

Displays lexemes that are connected by a property on a graph

by Lucas Werkmeister

Script newentity.js

Generates new items (including lexemes) from the given JSON object

by GZWDer

Script jsonLexeme.js Script jsonLexeme.js

Generates new and edits existing lexemes from the given JSON object. Modified version of newentity.js.

by Okkn

Module Lexeme-en

Generates English lexeme (noun) object based on a given word. Can be used together with newentity.js or jsonLexeme.js scripts

by GZWDer

Module Lexeme-ja

Generates Japanese lexeme object based on a given word. Can be used together with newentity.js or jsonLexeme.js scripts

by Okkn

Module Lexeme-pl

Generates Polish lexeme (noun or adjective) object based on a given word. Can be used together with newentity.js or jsonLexeme.js scripts

by KaMan

DerDieDas DerDieDas

Game to practice German articles. Taking a random noun in Wikidata (that has only one gender), asking for the article. See also:

French version (by Auregann) Danish version (by Finn Årup Nielsen)

by Auregann

Hauki Hauki

Lists lexemes by language and displays lexemes.

by Vesihiisi


Bot developed to import words in Occitan from the resources of Permanent Congress of the Occitan Language (Q12948568) . It is possible to adapt it to run other similar bots.

by Aitalvivem


Easy to use python library to edit Lexemes.

by MichaelSchoenitzer

MachtSinn MachtSinn

A game to add senses to Wikidata Lexemes based on Wikidata Q items. Please ensure that you don't create senses with short or bad glosses. Glosses should be clear and easy to distinguish from each other. Please join the telegram lexicographic group before starting and ask others to review your edits after 10 matches.

by MichaelSchoenitzer

Elhuyar - WikidataToolkit 9.0 version

WikidataToolkit 9.0 version to upload lexemes with multiple forms and senses.

by Elhuyar

Basque noun API uploader

A simple spreadsheet to decline Basque nouns and upload them via API.

by Theklan


A bot framework to import Wiktionary grammatical data into Wikidata Lexemes.

by Yurik

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