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Integrated Authority File - Wikidata Integrated Authority File(Q36578)From Wikidatainternational authority file for personal names, subject headings and corporate bodiesGNDUniversal Authority FileGemeinsame Normdatei
Language Label Description Also known as
Integrated Authority File
international authority file for personal names, subject headings and corporate bodies
  • GND
  • Universal Authority File
  • Gemeinsame Normdatei
Statements instance of authority control 0 references thesaurus 0 references data set 0 references communication medium 0 references image Gemeinsame Normdatei 2012 Opera.png 0 references inception 19 April 20121 reference reference URL http://d-nb.info/1026682169/34 retrieved 12 June 2016 native label Gemeinsame Normdatei(German)0 references short name GND(German)0 references author German National Library 0 references Berlin State Library 0 references Bavarian State Library 0 references Austrian National Library 0 references follows Name Authority File 0 references Corporate Bodies Authority File 0 references Subject Headings Authority File 0 references Uniform Title File of the Deutsches Musikarchiv 0 references operator German National Library 0 references collection or exhibition size 10,233,340 point in time 20131 reference reference URL http://d-nb.info/1102219754/ 11,060,638 point in time 20141 reference reference URL http://d-nb.info/1102219754/ 11,269,767 point in time 20151 reference reference URL http://d-nb.info/1102219754/ 13,604,012 point in time 20161 reference reference URL https://d-nb.info/1187664855/34#page=50 14,671,728 point in time 20171 reference reference URL https://d-nb.info/1187664855/34#page=50 15,208,093 point in time 20181 reference reference URL https://d-nb.info/1187664855/34#page=50 retrieved 23 March 2020 stated in Q88401021 volume 2018 page(s) 49 official website https://www.dnb.de/gnd language of work or name German 0 references https://www.dnb.de/EN/Professionell/Standardisierung/GND/gnd_node.html language of work or name English 1 reference retrieved 31 December 2019 SPARQL endpoint http://zbw.eu/beta/sparql/gnd/query 0 references dataset distribution lobid-gnd 0 references issued by German National Library 0 references copyright license CC0 1 reference reference URL http://www.dnb.de/EN/Service/DigitaleDienste/Datendienst/datendienst_node.html Wikidata property GND ID 0 references Dewey Decimal Classification 025.32221 reference stated in DDC 23 International Standard Identifier for Libraries DE-5880 references different from GND 0 references Virtual International Authority File 0 referencesIdentifiers VIAF ID 188136221 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project Russian Wikipedia GND ID 7749153-1 1 reference stated in Integrated Authority File BARTOC ID 698 0 references 430 0 references Datahub page dnb-gemeinsame-normdatei 0 references Freebase ID /m/0j9kt8p 1 reference stated in Freebase Data Dumps publication date 28 October 2013 Microsoft Academic ID 2778511625 0 references Twitter username gndnet number of subscribers 945 point in time 30 December 2019 Twitter user numeric ID 1040262518793555968 0 references SitelinksWikipedia(60 entries)afwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei alswiki Gemeinsame Normdatei arwiki ملف استنادي متكامل astwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei barwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei be_x_oldwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei bewiki Gemeinsame Normdatei bgwiki Колективен нормативен архив bhwiki ����������� ������� ���� cawiki Gemeinsame Normdatei cswiki Gemeinsame Normdatei cywiki Gemeinsame Normdatei dawiki Gemeinsame Normdatei dewiki Gemeinsame Normdatei elwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei enwiki Integrated Authority File eowiki Komuna Norma Datumaro eswiki Gemeinsame Normdatei euwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei fawiki برگه‌دان مستند فراگیر fiwiki GND (tunniste) frrwiki Gemiansoom Normdatei frwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei gdwiki Integrated Authority File glwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei hewiki קובץ בקרה משולב hiwiki ������ ��������� ����� hrwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei huwiki Integrált katalógustár hywiki Gemeinsame Normdatei idwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei ilowiki Integrated Authority File itwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei jawiki 統合典拠ファイル kowiki 게마인자메 노름다타이 mgwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei mkwiki Обединета нормативна податотека mrwiki ����������� ������� ���� mswiki Fail Kewibawaan Bersepadu ndswiki Gemeensame Normdatei nlwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei nnwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei nowiki Gemeinsame Normdatei pawiki ����������� ������ ���� plwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei ptwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei rowiki Gemeinsame Normdatei ruwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei scowiki Integratit Authority File shwiki GND simplewiki Integrated Authority File siwiki �������� ������� ����� skwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei slwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei svwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei trwiki Tümleşik Otorite Dosyası ukwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei urwiki مربوط فائل مقتدرہ viwiki Gemeinsame Normdatei zhwiki 整合规范文档 Wikibooks(0 entries)Wikinews(0 entries)Wikiquote(0 entries)Wikisource(0 entries)Wikiversity(0 entries)Wikivoyage(0 entries)Wiktionary(0 entries)Other sites(0 entries) Retrieved from " https://www.wikidata.org/w/index.php?title=Q36578&oldid=1147627481 "Navigation menuPersonal toolsNot logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in Namespaces Item Discussion VariantsViews Read View history MoreSearch
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