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San Martín - Wikidata San Martín(Q211793)From Wikidatadepartment in northern PeruSan Martin RegionSan MartinSan Martin, PeruSan Martin Department, PeruRegion San Martín edit
Language Label Description Also known as
San Martín
department in northern Peru
  • San Martin Region
  • San Martin
  • San Martin, Peru
  • San Martin Department, Peru
  • Region San Martín
Statements instance of region of Peru 0 references country Peru 0 references capital Moyobamba 0 references located in the administrative territorial entity Peru 0 references coordinate location 7°12'S, 76°48'W1 reference imported from Wikimedia project English Wikipedia geoshape Data:Peru/San Martín.map 0 references head of government Víctor Manuel Noriega 0 references population 813,381 point in time 2017 determination method census 1 reference stated in 2017 Peru Census reference URL http://censos2017.inei.gob.pe/redatam/ retrieved 12 July 2019728,808 determination method census point in time 20071 reference stated in 2007 Peru Census reference URL http://censos.inei.gob.pe/Censos2007/redatam/ retrieved 25 October 2018669,973 determination method census point in time 20051 reference stated in 2005 Peru Census reference URL http://censos.inei.gob.pe/Censos2005/redatam/ retrieved 25 October 2018552,387 determination method census point in time 19931 reference stated in 1993 Peru Census reference URL http://censos.inei.gob.pe/censos1993/redatam/ retrieved 25 October 2018319,751 determination method census point in time 19811 reference stated in Q5760554 reference URL http://censos.inei.gob.pe/censos1981/redatam/ retrieved 25 October 2018 contains administrative territorial entity Bellavista Province 0 references El Dorado Province 0 references Huallaga Province 0 references Lamas Province 0 references Mariscal Cáceres Province 0 references Moyobamba Province 0 references Picota Province 0 references Rioja Province 0 references San Martín Province 0 references Tocache Province 0 references located in time zone UTC−05:00 0 references shares border with Loreto 0 references Huanuco 0 references La Libertad 0 references Amazonas 0 references language used Aguaruna 0 references Chayahuita 0 references Cholón 0 references Lamas Quechua 0 references Huamalíes-Dos de Mayo Huánuco Quechua 0 references area 51,288.07 square kilometre1 reference reference URL https://www.inei.gob.pe/media/MenuRecursivo/publicaciones_digitales/Est/Lib1469/index.html retrieved 6 December 2018 official website http://www.regionsanmartin.gob.pe 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project Italian Wikipedia locator map image Peru - San Martín Department (locator map).svg 1 reference imported from Wikimedia project Russian Wikipedia page banner San Martín Wikivoyage banner.jpg 0 references Commons category San Martín Region1 reference imported from Wikimedia project English Wikipedia topic's main category Category:San Martín Region 0 referencesIdentifiers ISO 3166-2 code PE-SAM0 references GND ID 4118342-3 0 references Library of Congress authority ID no96057244 reason for deprecation refers to different subject 0 references Dewey Decimal Classification 2--85450 references FIPS 10-4 (countries and regions) PE22 1 reference stated in FIPS 10-4 archive URL https://web.archive.org/web/20010208080459/http://www.itl.nist.gov:80/fipspubs/fip10-4.htm Freebase ID /m/0355mp 1 reference stated in Freebase Data Dumps publication date 28 October 2013 GeoNames ID 3692385 1 reference stated in GeoNames Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names ID 1000749 0 references Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID 0058774 0 references MusicBrainz area ID e6c77da7-5835-4f0c-ba40-2cd4a9f22468 1 reference stated in MusicBrainz OpenStreetMap relation ID 1971661 0 references UBIGEO code 220 references Who's on First ID 85675885 0 references SitelinksWikipedia(44 entries) edit arwiki إقليم سان مارتين aywiki San Martín jach'a suyu be_x_oldwiki Сан-Мартын bewiki Сан-Марцін bgwiki Сан Мартин (регион) cawiki Departament de San Martín cebwiki Región de San Martín dawiki San Martín (region) dewiki Region San Martín enwiki Department of San Martín eowiki Departemento San Martín eswiki Departamento de San Martín fawiki منطقه سن مارتین fiwiki San Martínin alue frwiki San Martín (département) huwiki San Martín megye (Peru) idwiki Region San Martín itwiki Regione di San Martín jawiki サン・マルティン県 kawiki სან-მარტინის რეგიონი kowiki 산마르틴주 ladwiki San Martín (departamento) ltwiki San Martino departamentas mkwiki Сан Мартин (регион) mswiki Wilayah San Martín nlwiki San Martín (regio) nnwiki San Martín-regionen nowiki San Martín (region) plwiki Region San Martín pnbwiki سان مارٹن ptwiki San Martín (região) quwiki San Martin suyu ruwiki Сан-Мартин (регион) simplewiki San Martín Region svwiki San Martín (region) thwiki ��������������� trwiki San Martín bölgesi ukwiki Сан-Мартін (регіон) urwiki سان مارتین علاقہ viwiki San Martín (tỉnh) warwiki San Martín (rehiyon) wuuwiki 圣马丁大区 zh_min_nanwiki San Martín Khu zhwiki 圣马丁大区 Wikibooks(0 entries) edit Wikinews(0 entries) edit Wikiquote(0 entries) edit Wikisource(0 entries) edit Wikiversity(0 entries) edit Wikivoyage(7 entries) edit dewikivoyage San Martín (Region) enwikivoyage San Martín frwikivoyage San Martín (Pérou) itwikivoyage San Martín (Perù) plwikivoyage San Martín (region) ptwikivoyage San Martín (Peru) zhwikivoyage 圣马丁大区 Wiktionary(0 entries) edit Multilingual sites(0 entries) edit Retrieved from " https://www.wikidata.org/w/index.php?title=Q211793&oldid=1400914278 "Navigation menuPersonal toolsNot logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in Namespaces Item Discussion VariantsViews Read View history MoreSearch
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