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end time - Wikidata end time(P582)From Wikidatatime an item ceases to exist or a statement stops being validleft officeuntildivorcedenddateclosedfall datecease datecease timeendtimeendscease operationtillcompleted indissolvedstop timetoendingend date
Language Label Description Also known as
end time
time an item ceases to exist or a statement stops being valid
  • left office
  • until
  • divorced
  • enddate
  • closed
  • fall date
  • cease date
  • cease time
  • endtime
  • ends
  • cease operation
  • till
  • completed in
  • dissolved
  • stop time
  • to
  • ending
  • end date
Data typePoint in timeStatements instance of Wikidata property with datatype 'time' 0 references OpenStreetMap tag or key Key:end_date0 references subproperty of point in time 0 references subject item of this property end time 0 references Wikidata property example Baroque end time 1750s0 references Matthias Corvinus position held king of Hungary end time 6 April 14900 references Euramerica end time unknown value0 references equivalent property https://schema.org/endDate 0 references http://dati.beniculturali.it/cis/endDate 0 references http://gov.genealogy.net/ontology.owl#end 0 references property usage tracking category Category:Pages using Wikidata property P582 0 references category for value same as Wikidata Q42533406 0 references complementary property start time 0 references see also computes solution to 0 references discontinued date 0 references dissolved, abolished or demolished date 0 references end period 0 references temporal range end 0 references service retirement 0 references work period (end) 0 references date of official closure 0 references end cause 0 references earliest end date 0 references property proposal discussion https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Property_proposal/Archive/8#P582 0 referencesConstraints property constraint single value constraint exception to constraint American Century separator applies to part criterion used place of publication valid in place series ordinal 0 references allowed qualifiers constraint property end cause earliest date latest date location applies to part sourcing circumstances valid in place refine date located in time zone criterion used end time place of publication statement is subject of nature of statement reason for deprecation reason for preferred rank series ordinal 0 references conflicts-with constraint property dissolved, abolished or demolished date exception to constraint Roman Kingdom Roman Republic Roman Empire 0 references conflicts-with constraint property discontinued date 0 references difference within range constraint property start time minimum value 0 year maximum value 10,000 year constraint scope constraint checked on qualifiers constraint status mandatory constraint constraint clarification make sure start date is earlier than end date(English)0 references property scope constraint constraint status mandatory constraint property scope as main value as qualifier 0 references allowed entity types constraint item of property constraint Wikibase item Wikibase property Wikibase MediaInfo 0 references Retrieved from " https://www.wikidata.org/w/index.php?title=Property:P582&oldid=1397401749 "Navigation menuPersonal toolsNot logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in Namespaces Property Discussion VariantsViews Read View history MoreSearch
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