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Reason: It is surrounded by other areas, thus it must be the one with the treasures. Use your Mushroom Powers and you Bullet Bill to get out. /Humor

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Sad but good idea: If you are about to die with no way out, mark your location on OpenStreetMaps Posted by PhysicsArmature on 21 January 2020 in English (English)

What happens when a man is alone in his house, everything is on fire in all directions, yet their is Satellite Internet? Use OpenStreetMaps, write down your full name, the contact information of one person, your last words, and a date at which OpenStreetMaps can delete the point. This will help in identifying the dead.

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments The concept of gifting through the motive of love by gifting cakes and flowers Posted by Anindaroy on 21 January 2020 in English (English)

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https://www.kolkataonlineflorists.com/cakes-online.asp Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Is There Any Cure for Genital Herpes? Posted by Securepharmaonline on 21 January 2020 in English (English)

An infection that affects the mucosal surfaces, external genitalia, anal regions and skin in other parts of the human body is termed as Herpes in common lingo. The infection is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus. This long-term infection may affect people and they may not know it soon. This is because people may not notice any symptom of this infection for a long-time after they are infected.

There are basically two main types of Herpes classified based on the types of viruses that cause it. Here we have explained the two types in a bit detail:

The first type of Herpes is caused by HSV-1 and this is alternately referred to as oral herpes. The second type of herpes is caused by HSV-2 and is often referred to as genital herpes.

How Does One Get Genital Herpes?

People need to be aware of the different ways in which Genital Herpes may spread so that the necessary measures of caution can be taken. Some of the most predictable ways of getting the infection are:

• Sharing sex toys with someone • Unprotected sex, oral or vaginal, with a person who is infected can cause Herpes to spread • Oral sex with individuals who have oral cold sore increases the chance of getting infected by Herpes • Having genital contact with an infected person may also lead to the spread of genital herpes What are the common symptoms of Genital Herpes?

If patients understand the common symptoms of Herpes, it will be easier for them to seek therapy and treatment at the right time. Here we have listed out the common symptoms of this health condition:

When the person is first infected by Genital Herpes, it is termed as primary infection and the symptoms for this condition are:

• Experiencing pain when the person urinates • Vaginal discharge may occur • Fever and high temperature are probable • In some patients, cold sores develop around the mouth • Patients may also feel profoundly unwell • The lymph nodes of the patient may get enlarged • Ulcers and blisters may develop on the external genitalia like cervix or vagina In majority of the cases, the patients do not suffer from any long-lasting scars. When a person gets infected a second time by the Herpes Virus, the symptoms are not as

severe as primary infection. Here we have listed these symptoms:

• There could be cold sores around the mouth • Infected individuals may experience burning or tingling near the genitals before the blisters occur • Red blisters are a common symptom even in recurrent Herpes The recurrence is always less severe and the chances of future infections are also lowered.

Some Common Facts and Misconceptions Regarding Herpes

Due to ignorance, there are several rumours spread regarding genital herpes. Here we hope to clear some of these misconceptions and help you understand the condition better. Unlike a common misconception, genital Herpes cannot spread from one person to another through a toilet seat. The risk of getting genital herpes increases when an individual has oral sex with a person who has cold sores. HSV-1 or the first type of Herpes is very common in USA and 50% of the population have this condition. On the other hand, HSV-2 is little less common and roughly 15% of the US population in the age group 14-49 have this condition. Growing awareness regarding the condition, its symptoms and treatments can help people take the right steps to treat it or tackle it.

How to Treat Genital Herpes?

Understanding the condition of Genital Herpes is not enough. You also need to understand what steps one can take to treat it. There are some common home remedies that have proven useful to people. Apart from that, there are medicines that are used to tackle the condition. Read along and know better.

Common Home Remedies

These home remedies listed below will help to handle the infection and also prevent it from spreading:

• Individuals who suffer from pain while urinating may apply some cream to the urethra to reduce the pain. • Make it a habit to wash your hands thoroughly after touching the area that is infected. Use soap solution to prevent the spreading of virus. • Patients may consider bathing in slightly salted water to relieve the symptoms of Herpes. • It is best to avoid sexual intercourse till the symptoms of Genital Herpes are completely gone. • It is best to wear loose outfits on the affected area till the symptoms disappear. • Some say that application of petroleum jelly to the affected area also tends to help relieve the symptoms. • People may also consume the regular pain killers to get rid of pain when infected by the condition.

Medical Treatments

There are no known ways to permanently get rid of herpes virus. In case you visit a doctor to help you with the condition, he may provide you with pain killers to relieve the pain caused by the infection. Apart from that, the doctor may prescribe some anti-viral dose that may prevent the virus from spreading further. The antiviral medicines are also known to reduce the intensity of the symptoms. Usually, no treatment is necessary for recurring episodes which are mild.

Preventive Measures for Genital Herpes

As an educated patient, there are some preventive measures that may help:

• Do not kiss your partner when you have a cold sore in your mouth as it will cause the virus to spread. • Having limited number of physical partners can prevent individuals from developing such infections. • It is a great idea to use condoms to prevent the spread of such sexual health infections. • When you have any symptoms of Genital Herpes, it is best to avoid intercourse till all the symptoms are eliminated.

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments OpenStreetMap MY EXPERIENCE IN 2019 Posted by Victor12345 on 21 January 2020 in English (English)

TRAININGS: I received several trainings on open street mapping and GIS at large especially via webinars mostly organized by Victor N. Sunday the National Coordinator UniqueMappers OSM Nigeria. OSM GEOWEEK: I organized a training session at the Nigeria national youth service commission’s orientation camp Asaya Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State Nigeria handled by Geoffrey Kateregga.
NEW CHAPTER CREATION: UniqueMappersTeam Kogi a state chapter of UniqueMappersTeam Nigeria created as a result of the training session handled by Geoffrey Kateregga at the Nigeria national youth service commission’s orientation camp Asaya.
SOTM SUMMIT: I got partial scholarship from HOT to attend the HOT summit at Germany but I couldn’t obtain my Visa as result of the scholarship coming so close to the date of the summit. SOTM AFRICA: I got scholarship to attend SOTM Africa 2019 at Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast. I also attended Understanding Risk conference organized by World Bank in collaboration with OSM Africa for SOTM Africa 2019. UniqueMappersTeam: We had community training relevant to the growth and expansion of OpenStreetMap Nigeria community hosted by Victor N. Sunday the National Coordinator UniqueMappers OSM Nigeria.

Location: Lairdstown, Lokoja, Kogi, Nigeria Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Military Acountability and Legality of maps. Posted by PhysicsArmature on 21 January 2020 in English (English)

OpenStreetMaps: “Caution: In some territories, it is illegal to create maps of military facilities. “

Wikipedia: “ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_military_bases” Business Insider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCd8ldLagOk

Considering the 2 examples people documenting military areas and America’s commitment to freedom I assume mapping American land use areas that feature the military is permissible?

I figure, if taking high resolution satellite imagery is legal, why not sketch out that legally obtained map, right? Anything problematic would be classified, right?

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Home Posted by Lindly on 21 January 2020 in English (English)


Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Новости из мира OpenStreetMap № 494 (31.12.2019-06.01.2020) Posted by Silka123 on 20 January 2020 in Russian (Русский)

494 выпуск Еженедельных новостей из мира OSM переведен на русский

На что обратить внимание:

На сервис Паскаля Нейса “Некартографированные места в OpenStreetMap”в RapiD появилось 84 новых страны, где работает автоматические распознавание объектовНа такое явление, как “велосипеды призраки” Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Search the viewpoints in the map Posted by szraypang on 20 January 2020 in English (English)

If anybody can help teach me do a setting to highlight the viewpoints in the area of the map with link to the pictures contributed by users or from search engine, it would be helpful to the trip planners.

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Abobo, Abidjan Posted by AmeliaMap on 19 January 2020 in English (English)

Worked for 1.0 hrs mapping buildings in Abobo, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, Africa. Added new buildings and corrected errors to existing building outlines.

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments My profile Posted by helmut_hoffer_von_ankershoffen on 19 January 2020 in German (Deutsch) This is me Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments 荒野をめぐる戦い 【パート2】 Posted by EditConscript on 19 January 2020 in Japanese (日本語) きみが呼んだ


いくつかの傷がありますが、私は大丈夫です。JOSMは強力なツールです。 問題を回避する多くのオプションがあります。 これまでに、3つのエリアがクリアされました!


Neverending, Editスクリプト

永遠にマッピングを学ぶ JOSM josm-tested.jar (version 15628)

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Visualizing relations on OSMCha Posted by wille on 19 January 2020 in English (English)

Some of the most important elements in the OpenStreetMap database are relations. It’s used to define administrative boundaries, restrictions on the road network (which has a relevant impact on routes), elements made by multiple geometries, etc. Relations are also some of the most difficult elements to monitor and track modifications, as some of them don’t affect the way the data is rendered on the map.

This week we added the possibility to visualize relations on OSMCha ! To avoid increasing the number of elements rendered on the map, the visualization of relations works in a bit different way…

osmcha relations

By default, we show the bounding box of all relations that were created, modified or deleted by a changeset. When you click on a relation, it will hide all other ways and nodes and add to the map the elements that are (or were) members of that relation.

relation members

We have a new panel on the bottom right corner of the page that lists the members of the relation and the role of each of them. Clicking on a item of that list will highlight that member geometry on the map.

relation member highlighted

If you click on a second relation on the map, it will hide the first relation members and show the members of that second one. Clicking on a part of the map that doesn’t have any element, it will reset the visualization to the default view.

One important advice: if the relation bounding box is bigger than the changeset bounding box, only the relation members that intersect with the changeset BBox will be available for visualization. It is a technical limitation that will affect mainly the roads and administrative boundaries, but I believe that, even on those cases, it will be useful to analyse the changeset impact on the integrity of that relation part.

Let us know

Let us know if you have some new idea to make the relations visualization yet better.

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry 1 comment Initial Results When Testing OSM Chef With CI Tools Posted by migurski on 19 January 2020 in English (English)

I’ve been trying some light contributions to OSM’s Chef repository. In the OpenAddresses project we learned early that reliable and responsive continuous testing and integration make it easier for contributors to approach our project, and I’m hoping to build similar tests for OSM Chef. We already do a basic syntax lint, but these new tests would run each complete cookbook on a clean disposable host and notify Github of the results:

kitchen test --parallel --destroy=always all && notify-passed || notify-failed

Contributors would see an additional green check-mark in their pull requests, and OSM admins would be able to accept contributions confident that they’ve been fully tested.

Why Mess With Chef?

I’ve been in a long conversation with Andy Allan about small ways to help with OSM’s operational infrastructure. He nudged me in the direction of OSM’s Chef configuration , which shouldn’t be a surprise: Chef is how OSM manages the configuration of all the servers run by the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s Operations Working Group. Contributions to Chef are specifically cited in Andy’s Getting Involved post and mentioned in policies for both the Operations Working Group (OWG) and the Sysadmins group .

Andy recommended that I pay special attention to the Wiki cookbook: it’s the system that has the most outside interest from non-sysadmins over the last three years. For people who would like to change the configuration of wiki.openstreetmap.org a working cookbook would make it easier to test locally with test-kitchen and offer contributions that are known to work prior to deployment. Today, “we only find out if the changes actually work when we run them on the live servers.”

This PR is my initial pass at fixing some bugs in Chef

This PR is my initial pass at fixing some bugs in Chef , and there’s feedback there from Andy, Tom Hughes , and Grant Slater about OSM’s Chef expectations. My hope is to see this ultimately become functional, trusted, and automated enough that OWG repo admins are comfortable defaulting to “Yes” and accepting any change with community support that passes tests without technical debate. Chef is not a widely-understood technology and I think a lot of the casual DevOps world has moved on to container-based approaches, so it’s critical for OSM’s Chef to work in an automated and well-understood way to welcome new contributors.

Getting To Headless

Contributions to open projects are encouraged by providing a smooth entry path and headless continuous integration is an excellent way to make this happen. Github provides strong support for automated status updates that we’ve used for the OpenAddresses project throughout the past four years. We use it to automated feedback to users and generate screenshots of their contributions so they know they’re doing the right thing and we can safely rubber-stamp their input:

Screenshot showing Github user experience in OpenAddresses

For OSM Chef, we could run all cookbooks under test-kitchen . I’ve tested the PR above in a few environments that might potentially be used as part of an automated flow: on my local Mac where a developer might check their work prior to publishing, under the current long-term supported Ubuntu 18.04 that might be part of an AWS EC2 setup, and under the previous Ubuntu 16.04 that might be part of a Github Actions setup .

Results So Far
Host OS Test Driver Result
Mac OS Vagrant ���� cookbooks/mediawiki/resources/site.rb line 528: Column 'cuc_user' cannot be null
Ubuntu 16.04 Vagrant ���� Timed out while waiting for the machine to boot
Ubuntu 18.04 Vagrant ���� Timed out while waiting for the machine to boot
Ubuntu 16.04 Docker ���� cookbooks/mysql/recipes/default.rb line 23: No such file or directory - /sbin/status
Ubuntu 18.04 Docker ���� cookbooks/mysql/recipes/default.rb line 23: No such file or directory - /sbin/status
Mac OS Docker ���� cookbooks/mysql/recipes/default.rb line 23: No such file or directory - /sbin/status

Vagrant under Mac OS gets furthest, then ultimately gets stuck on problems in the cookbook itself. This is potentially fixable in OSM/Chef by updating the Mediawiki and Wiki cookbooks.

There is no meaningful difference between Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. The older version needs Ruby 2.4+ to be installed explicitly, but both run test-kitchen with minimal fuss. Although OSM is deployed to Ubuntu 18.04, the host OS for these tests varies.

Here’s the approximate script I’m using to run the tests from the Ubuntu 18.04 host OS:

git clone https://github.com/migurski/chef.git osm-chef && cd osm-chef sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y sudo apt-get install build-essential ruby ruby-dev docker.io vagrant virtualbox sudo gem install test-kitchen kitchen-docker kitchen-vagrant kitchen test --destroy=always wiki-ubuntu-1804

Vagrant on Ubuntu fails immediately. Googling for error strings does not turn up any obvious mistakes. The guest OS running under Virtualbox is unresponsive to input from Vagrant. I’m not experienced with either Vagrant or Virtualbox on Linux, so I’m unsure how to dig up problems here.

Docker on Mac OS and Ubuntu gets further and looks more promising, but bumps into a very different problem. Most of the cookbook runs happily until the MySQL cookbook tries to start the database and immediately fails to find /sbin/status , a script that no longer exists under systemd. The guest OS under Docker is identical to that under Vagrant, so I am confused and stumped by this error.

Next StepsOSM operations group prefers to Vagrant to Docker for test configuration, but it fails inscrutably. Figure out why Vagrant guest OS’s under Ubuntu are unreachable.Docker guest OS gets quite a bit further but runs into the /sbin/status issues. Figure out why this happens and advocate for switching from Vagrant to Docker in OSM test-kitchen configuration.Return to OSM/Chef repository and get the Wiki cookbook working all the way through to the end. Comment on this entry Reply to this entry 2 comments Черни връх (2290m) Posted by Atanas Milanov on 18 January 2020 in Bulgarian (Български)


Location: Перник, България Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments What did it effort to motivate you to participate in OpenStreetMap Posted by Valor Naram on 18 January 2020 in English (English)

There’s an ongoing questionnaire I’ve started to see what did it effort to motivate mappers to participate, to join OSM and to help to improve the map. This little diary provides an anonymized overview of the answers:

Opportunity to help providing an alternative source for geo-data that is corporative and free for all.Opportunity to access free topography data.Opportunity to see changes on the map immediately instead of days or months after. This way you get a good reward yourself (you feel like “Oh wow! That was just me! I helped to improve something sustainable and innovative!”).OSM is more detailed than the maps of other Map Providers.Saw that objects were missing on the mapFree licensePrivacyEnjoying that people come together, work together and make something non-commercially.OSM allows “creative use of geodata”, allows more than just one user group to profit from.Geodata can be used offline.Enjoy that you can improve the map by yourself rather than relaying on others.Enjoy that you get to know the world around you better.Your contributions are yours and not Googles or some other company.I can actually help people to navigate and find places better.Spotted a mistake and enjoyed that I can improve it right away.I love the friendly community. Comment on this entry Reply to this entry 2 comments 荒野をめぐる戦い Posted by EditConscript on 18 January 2020 in Japanese (日本語) きみが呼んだ



しかし、3番目のオプションがあります。mit genial TO DO plugin , Expert mode_ON und Overpass Query 、 鉄への道具。 小さなステップで、開始は2009年の過去のデータとする。戦場を選択する自由将来に焦点を当て続けました。オーバーフローしてはなりません。アメリカを自由に設定します。



Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Nuevo en esto Posted by 777L on 18 January 2020 in Spanish (Español)

Quiero aprender a usar OpenStreetMap AYUDA

Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments List of routing API services based on OSM data Posted by muramototomoya on 17 January 2020 in English (English) GraphHopper OSRM openrouteservice Mapbox https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/List_of_OSM-based_services#Routing Comment on this entry Reply to this entry No comments Angry OSM editors? Posted by Beachmiles on 17 January 2020 in English (English)

This note has some strong anger, seems a tad excessive https://www.openstreetmap.org/note/1995084

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