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Los Angeles Times | History, Ownership, & Facts | Britannica Search Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica Login Categories Science Technology Health & Medicine Sports & Recreation Geography & Travel World History Philosophy & Religion Lifestyles & Social Issues Politics, Law & Government Entertainment & Pop Culture Visual Arts Literature Features Demystified #WTFact Lists 100 Women Saving Earth SpaceNext 50 Companions Spotlight Image Galleries Biographies On This Day Quizzes Los Angeles TimesAmerican newspaper Article Media SHARE Facebook Twitter Los Angeles TimesAmerican newspaperWritten By: The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Los Angeles Times, morning daily newspaper founded (1881) in Los Angeles that in the 1960s began to develop from a regional daily into one of the world’s great newspapers. The paper moved its headquarters to El Segundo, California, in 2018. Harrison Gray Otis became a partial owner of the Los Angeles Times in 1882, a year after its establishment. He incorporated it within a public corporation, the Times-Mirror Company (the hyphen was later dropped from the name), in 1884. The paper prospered, soon becoming an important political power in California and a major voice in the southern part of the …(100 of 629 words)
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