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Search Britannica Fact-checked results at the top of your browser search. Chrome store logo Britannica Insights ContentsGenevaSwitzerland Article Media SHARE Facebook Twitter Introduction Physical and human geography The landscape Site Climate Layout The people The economy Industry Commerce and finance Transportation Administration Cultural life History Foundation and medieval growth The 15th to 18th century Geneva and Savoy John Calvin Class conflicts The 19th and 20th centuries Swiss Geneva The city since 1945 GenevaSwitzerlandWritten By: Paul Guichonnet Maurice Cranston Alternative Titles: Genève, Genf, GinevraGeneva, French Genève, German Genf, Italian Ginevra, city, capital of Genève canton, in the far southwestern corner of Switzerland that juts into France. One of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, Geneva has served as a model for republican government and owes its preeminence to the triumph of human, rather than geographic, factors. It developed its unique character from the 16th century, when, as the centre of the Calvinist Reformation, it became the “Protestant Rome.” The canton of Genève has a total area of 109 square miles (282 square kilometres), of which seven square miles constitute the city proper. Territorial isolation has …(100 of 3610 words)
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