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Arsham Khondkaryan (Armenian: Արշամ Խոնդկարյան; Russian: Аршам Хондкарян) - minister of Justice of Democratic Republic of Armenia, member of Social Revolutionary Party .

On December 15, 1918 he was in a group of Armenian politicians who came to Karakilisa for negotiations with Georgian part initiated by British Army in Baky and British transportation officer Capitain E. Green. The visit was in vain, Georgian representative didn't arrive, E. Green moved back to Baku for reporting his commanders and Armenian representatives left for Yerevan.

In the early 1919 after Tatar (current Azerbaijani) revolts burst out in Yerevan region, army was prepared to suppress the riots, while Arsham Khondkaryan from Social Revolutionary Party together with Vahan Minakhoryan were against of using force, while Dashnaktsutyun majority was sure there was no other way to stop the revolt. The same period Azerbaijani appointed governor of Karabakh Khosrov Bek Sultanov, who was not accepted by National Council of Armenians of Karabakh, organized Armenian massacre in Shushi when 700 Armenians were killed and after signing ceasefire with Armenians organized another massacre of Armenians in surrounding villages of Shushi and 600 Armenians were killed. This which was greatly criticized by Armenia and British commanders in Transcaucasia. In Yerevan during a protest Arsham Khondkaryan together with some other politicians of the time had expressive oration:

This extent to which the Armenian people in Turkey, in Karabakh, in Azerbaijan has exceeded all that has gone before. It is enough! We can tolerate no longer the slaughter of our women and children under the very eyes of the great representative of the peoples of Europe... We protest emphatically and protest our boundless admiration for our brothers in Karabakh, who are struggling heroically against the tyranny of Sultanov in the name of civilization and self-determination of peoples. [ edit ]Literature

Arsham Khondkaryan is author of book entitled "Opposition in Armenia", Vem, 1934

[ edit ]References Ричард Ованнисян - «Республика Армения». Том Первый: 1918-1919, Издательство Тигран Метс, Ереван, 2005 - ISBN 99941-0-134-X [ edit ]See also Leaders of Democratic Republic of Armenia Retrieved from " http://wiki.hayqpress.com/index.php?title=Arsham_Khondkaryan " Categories : Armenia | First Republic of Armenia | Armenians Views Page Discussion Edit History Personal tools Log in / create account Navigation Main page Community portal Current events Recent changes Random page Help Search
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