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This web site has been created for the BBSC_303 : Digital Craft paper at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand as part of my Bachelor of Building Science Degree. The course involves modeling a daylit museum and rendering particular spaces of the museum showing its architectural features through a developed theme. It also involves documenting the modeling process and the decisions taken in terms of completing the assigned project.

The pages of this web site display the information about KUMU Art Museum, the modeling process and the renders developed through a chosen theme.

The museum was modeled by Team Delta, which consists of two members: Samuel_Gwynn and myself. As part of developing and completing the project, communication between the members of the team was significantly important. As a result, various communication techniques were used in order to document this process and complete the project within the allocated time.


Ankit Surti 2007| Digital Craft | School of Architecture | Victoria University of Wellington






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