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garifuna-street-drummers-1.jpg Garifuna family drummers in Dangriga on Settlement Day.

According to one source, most of the slaves brought to the Caribbean were taken from the Niger and cross Delta regions in the Blight of Benin (present-day Nigeria) in West Africa, and from further south in the Congo and Angola (A History of Belize 5th chapter 1). Much like the music of these areas, the Garifuna style of music relies heavily on call and response patterns. These patterns are less overlapping than many traditional ones found in Africa, but none the less the Garifunas leader-chorus organization is very consistent with those of African styles (Franzone 1995, 294).

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Garifunaflag-.jpg Above: Collage of the Garifuna Flag.

Contributed by Belize writer and columnist Adele Ramos .

1635 - Two Spanish ships wrecked off the coast of St. Vincent - West African slaves escape to the island, where they found the Yellow Caribs, a group that emerged from the intermarriages between the Venezuelan Caribs and the island Arawaks.

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The Garifuna or Garífuna are an ethnic group in the Caribbean area, descended from a mix of Amerindian and African people. They are also sometimes known as Garifune or Black Caribs. There are estimated to be about 200,000 of them in Central America and the United States. Properly, the term "Garifuna" refers to the individual and the language, while Garinagu is the (plural or collective) term for the people.

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