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Cyrillic Script
id: restricted
Properties for U+04C5
With Non-Default Values With Default Values
Age 3.2
alnum Yes
Alphabetic Yes
Block Cyrillic
Case_Folding ӆ
Case_Sensitive Yes
Cased Yes
Changes_When_Casefolded Yes
Changes_When_Casemapped Yes
Changes_When_Lowercased Yes
Changes_When_NFKC_Casefolded Yes
Confusable_MA Ʌ̦
General_Category Uppercase_Letter
graph Yes
Grapheme_Base Yes
ID_Continue Yes
ID_Start Yes
Identifier_Status Allowed
Identifier_Type Recommended
Idn_Mapping ӆ
Idn_Status mapped
idna2003 mapped
isCased false
isCasefolded false
isLowercase false
isNFM No
ISO_Comment null
Line_Break Alphabetic
Lowercase_Mapping ӆ
NFKC_Casefold ӆ
print Yes
Script Cyrillic
Script_Extensions Cyrillic
Sentence_Break Upper
Simple_Case_Folding ӆ
Simple_Lowercase_Mapping ӆ
subhead Extended Cyrillic
toCasefold ӆ
toIdna2003 ӆ
toLowercase ӆ
toNFM ӆ
toUts46n ӆ
toUts46t ӆ
uca 6166
uca2 05
uca2.5 81
uca3 20
Unicode_1_Name null
Uppercase Yes
uts46 mapped
Word_Break ALetter
XID_Continue Yes
XID_Start Yes
ASCII_Hex_Digit No
Basic_Emoji No
Bidi_Class Left_To_Right
Bidi_Control No
Bidi_Mirrored No
Bidi_Mirroring_Glyph Ӆ
Bidi_Paired_Bracket Ӆ
Bidi_Paired_Bracket_Type None
blank No
bmp Yes
Canonical_Combining_Class Not_Reordered
Case_Ignorable No
Changes_When_Titlecased No
Changes_When_Uppercased No
CJK_Radical null
Dash No
Decomposition_Type None
Default_Ignorable_Code_Point No
Deprecated No
Diacritic No
East_Asian_Width Neutral
Emoji No
Emoji_Component No
Emoji_Flag_Sequence No
Emoji_Keycap_Sequence No
Emoji_Modifier No
Emoji_Modifier_Base No
Emoji_Modifier_Sequence No
Emoji_Presentation No
Emoji_Tag_Sequence No
Emoji_Zwj_Sequence No
Equivalent_Unified_Ideograph null
Extended_Pictographic No
Extender No
Full_Composition_Exclusion No
Grapheme_Cluster_Break Other
Grapheme_Extend No
Grapheme_Link No
Hangul_Syllable_Type Not_Applicable
HanType na
Hex_Digit No
Hyphen No
Ideographic No
Idn_2008 na
idna2008c disallowed
IDS_Binary_Operator No
IDS_Trinary_Operator No
Indic_Positional_Category NA
Indic_Syllabic_Category Other
isNFC Yes
isNFD Yes
isNFKC Yes
isNFKD Yes
isTitlecase true
isUppercase true
Join_Control No
Joining_Group No_Joining_Group
Joining_Type Non_Joining
kAccountingNumeric NaN
kOtherNumeric NaN
kPrimaryNumeric NaN
kSimplifiedVariant null
kTraditionalVariant null
Lead_Canonical_Combining_Class Not_Reordered
Logical_Order_Exception No
Lowercase No
Math No
Name_Alias null
Named_Sequences null
Named_Sequences_Prov null
NFC_Inert Yes
NFC_Quick_Check Yes
NFD_Inert Yes
NFD_Quick_Check Yes
NFKC_Inert Yes
NFKC_Quick_Check Yes
NFKD_Inert Yes
NFKD_Quick_Check Yes
Noncharacter_Code_Point No
Numeric_Type None
Numeric_Value null
Pattern_Syntax No
Pattern_White_Space No
Prepended_Concatenation_Mark No
Quotation_Mark No
Radical No
Regional_Indicator No
Segment_Starter Yes
Sentence_Terminal No
Simple_Titlecase_Mapping Ӆ
Simple_Uppercase_Mapping Ӆ
Soft_Dotted No
Standardized_Variant null
Terminal_Punctuation No
Titlecase_Mapping Ӆ
toTitlecase Ӆ
toUppercase Ӆ
Trail_Canonical_Combining_Class Not_Reordered
Unified_Ideograph No
Uppercase_Mapping Ӆ
Variation_Selector No
Vertical_Orientation Rotated
White_Space No
xdigit No

The list includes both Unicode Character Properties and some additions (like idna2003 or subhead)

Fonts and Display.

Fonts and Display. If you don't have a good set of Unicode fonts (and modern browser), you may not be able to read some of the characters. Some suggested fonts that you can add for coverage are: Noto Fonts site , Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts , Large, multi-script Unicode fonts . See also: Unicode Display Problems .

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