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Northwest Power & Conservation Council: Striking a balance between energy and the environment in the Columbia River Basin.
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NWCouncil Jan 15
I just uploaded “2020Norman” to :
NWCouncil Jan 14
NWCouncil Jan 13
I just uploaded “WallaWallaHatchery” to :
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Courtney Flatt Dec 19
Right now, 57 miles on the Columbia River separate aggressive northern pike from bellies full of salmon, now blocked by Chief Joseph Dam. Get some quick info on the predators (and learn how you can help) in this spiffy, new online tool from :
NWCouncil Dec 19
NWCouncil Dec 10
I just uploaded “1982 Dan Evans interview” to :
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Rep. Dan Newhouse Dec 6
Don't forget: and are co-hosting a Town Hall to discuss the ongoing negotiations to modernize the Columbia River Treaty. The CRT has huge impacts on our way of life in , and I encourage all to attend to ask questions and have your voice heard!
NWCouncil Dec 6
NWCouncil Dec 6
NWCouncil Dec 2
I just uploaded “1980 ViewPoint on the News - Al Swift and Jim Weaver” to :
NWCouncil Dec 2
I just uploaded “1989 Portland City Club Normal Paulus and Ted Hallock 13 January” to :
NWCouncil Dec 2
I just uploaded “1982 The Elelectrical Storm KING TV 110 minutes” to :
NWCouncil Dec 2
I just uploaded “1982 Dan Evans interview” to :
NWCouncil Dec 2
I just uploaded “1982 Chuck Collins 'For the Record' KING TV Seattle” to :
NWCouncil Nov 26
NWCouncil Nov 25
Thank for spreading the news!
NWCouncil Nov 22
The Council is working hard on developing the next power plan. We have Advisory Committee meetings scheduled in December and January that we'd love to have you be a part of! Generation! Conservation! Demand Response! We are talking about it all!
NWCouncil Oct 25
The Council's next Power Plan is being developed! We have three advisory committee meetings coming up in the next two weeks! Come discuss Demand Response, Generating Resources and System Analysis and the plan!
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WA Invasives Oct 15
Today we partnered with to brief the and committee on aquatic early detection monitoring and mapping. Check out a PDF of the presentation and briefing at
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WA Invasives Oct 15
Learn more about aquatic invasive species by visiting .
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NEEA Oct 7
Work in gas or electric in the ? Present your case studies, new ideas and/or best practices at Efficiency Exchange 2020 next May - Submit proposals for your session by Oct 21 at
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Michael E. Campana Sep 25
Paper: 'Compound Climate Events Transform Electrical Power Shortfall Risk in the Pacific Northwest' cc:
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Bill Henry Sep 26
Is the time right for pumped storage hydro? Here is some good information from about the 4 projects currently proposed in the PNW:
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Bill Henry Sep 26
Replying to @nwcouncil
The most interesting of these projects to me is Banks Lake, which uses 2 very large existing reservoirs at Grand Coulee. This makes for a much lower $/MWH cost of storage than the others. The drawbacks: irrigation use conflict part of the year and regulatory/permitting.
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NEEA Sep 16
Calling all session ideas! Submit your topics for Efficiency Exchange Conference - May 2020 in Portland, Ore. :
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WA Invasives Sep 12
The Council is at & ’s Transboundary Conference today presenting as part of a session on invasive species in the . Includes discussion on northern pike & invasive mussels
NWCouncil Sep 9
The Council's 2021 Power Plan Advisory Committees are working hard reviewing material. Learn about each one, find meeting dates and join the process! Resource Adequacy, Energy Efficiency, Load Forecasts, Demand Response, Generating Resources and more!
NWCouncil Aug 29
Wow RT : Wow!! Check out some of the lightning from this morning. This photo was taken along the Willamette River. (Swan Island | Portland, OR) Photo Credit: Gabor Gardonyi
NWCouncil Aug 19
Fish and Wildlife Director Tony Grover Retires From the Council
NWCouncil Aug 13
Advisory Committees are working on important issues related to the next Power Plan! Demand Response, Resource Adequacy, Conservation, Generating Resource , plus more! Check out upcoming meeting dates! We hope you can join us. All meetings open to everyone!
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