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Diana, Princess o Wales - Wikipedia Diana, Princess o WalesFrae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge
Princess o Wales ; Duchess o Rothesay
Princess Diana at Accord Hospice colorized.png
The Princess o Wales in 1992
Born 1 Julie 1961 ( 1961-07-01 )
Park House, Sandringham , Norfolk , Ingland, UK
Dee'd 31 August 1997 (1997-08-31) (aged 36)
Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital , Paris , Fraunce
Buirial 6 September 1997
Althorp , Northamptonshire , Ingland, UK
Spouse Charles, Prince o Wales
( m.   1981 ; div.   1996 )
Full name
Diana Frances
Faither John Spencer, 8t Earl Spencer
Mither Frances Shand Kydd
Seegnatur Diana's signature

Diana, Princess o Wales (Diana Frances; nee Spencer ; 1 Julie 1961 – 31 August 1997), wis the first wife o Charles, Prince o Wales , wha is the eldest bairn an heir apparent o Queen Elizabeth II . She wis the mither o Prince William an Prince Harry .

Diana wis born intae the Spencer faimily , a faimily o Breetish nobility wi ryal auncestry an was the youngest dauchter o John Spencer, Viscoont Althorp , an Frances Roche . She grew up in Park House, situatit on the Sandringham estate , an wis eddicatit in Ingland an Swisserland. In 1975—efter her faither inheritit the teetle o Yerl Spencer —she becam kent as Leddy Diana Spencer. She came tae prominence in Februar 1981 whan her engagement tae Prince Charles wis annoonced tae the warld.

Diana's waddin tae the Prince o Wales teuk place at St Paul's Cathedral on 29 Julie 1981 an reached a global televeesion audience o ower 750 million fowk. In her mairiage, Diana wis Princess o Wales , Duchess o Cornwall , Duchess o Rothsay , an Coontess o Chester . The mairiage produced twa sons, the princes William an Harry, that war then respectively seicont an third in the line o succession tae the Breetish throne . As Princess o Wales, Diana unnerteuk ryal duties on behauf o the Queen an representit her at functions owerseas. She wis celebratit for her chaurity wark an for her support o the Internaitional Campaign tae Ban Laundmines . Diana wis involved wi dizzens o chairities includin Lunnon's Great Ormond Street Hospital for childre, o that she wis preses frae 1989. She an aa raised awaurness an advocatit ways tae help fowk affectit wi HIV/AIDS, cancer, an mental illness.

Diana remeened the object o warldwide media scrutiny in an efter her mairiage, that endit in divorce on 28 August 1996. Media attention an public mournin war extensive efter her daith in a caur crash in a Paris tunnel on 31 August 1997 an subsequent televised funeral .

Notes[ eedit | eedit soorce ]As a teetled ryal, Diana uised na surname. When ane wis uised while she wis mairied, it wis Mountbatten-Windsor . Accordin tae letters patent datit Februar 1960, the offeecial faimily name is Windsor.References[ eedit | eedit soorce ] "The Life of Diana, Princess of Wales 1961–1997: Separation And Divorce" . BBC. Retrieved 10 May 2015. Taen frae " https://sco.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Diana,_Princess_o_Wales&oldid=714915 " Categeries : 1961 births 1997 daiths Breetish Anglicans Breetish coontesses Breetish duchesses bi mairiage Breetish environmentalists Breetish heal activists Breetish humanitarians Breetish fowk o American strynd Breetish fowk o Inglis strynd Breetish fowk o German strynd Breetish fowk o Indian strynd Breetish fowk o Scots strynd Breetish philanthropists Breetish princesses bi mairiage Breetish weemen activists Buirials in Northamptonshire Charles, Prince o Wales Dauchters o Breetish earls Dauchters o viscoonts Diana, Princess o Wales Duchesses o Rothesay Fowk saunts Grand Crosses o the Order o the Croun (Netherlands) HIV/AIDS activists Hamelessness activists Honorar air commodores Hoose o Windsor Leprosy activists Mental heal activists Mine action Mountbatten-Windsor faimily Patrons o schuils Fowk frae Diss Fowk frae East Hampshire (destrict) Fowk frae Sandringham, Norfolk Fowk frae Lunnon Fowk frae Norfolk Fowk frae Northamptonshire Fowk frae Sevenoaks Prince Harry Prince William, Duke o Cambridge Princesses o Wales Road incident daiths in Fraunce Freemen o the Ceety o Lunnon Skauk't categeries: AC wi 15 elements Wikipaedia airticles wi VIAF identifiers Wikipaedia airticles wi LCCN identifiers Wikipaedia airticles wi BNF identifiers Wikipaedia airticles wi GND identifiers Wikipaedia airticles wi ISNI identifiers Wikipaedia airticles wi ULAN identifiers Wikipaedia airticles wi MusicBrainz identifiers Wikipaedia airticles wi NLA identifiers Wikipaedia airticles wi SELIBR identifiers Navigâtion menuPersonal tuilsNo loggit in Collogue for this IP Contreibutions Mak accoont Log in Namespaces Airticle Collogue VariantsViews Read Eedit Eedit soorce See histerie MairRake
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