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Northwest Power & Conservation Council: Fish resources logo nwcouncil.org / Program Tracker Basinwide Summary Provinces Province Summary F&W Projects Status & Trends Harvest Hatchery Limiting Factors Adult Estimates Focal Species Focal Species Status & Trends Lamprey Sturgeon Bull Trout Redband Trout Cutthroat Trout References The Program Tracker (previously Fish Information Site) provides detailed information complementary to the Program's HLI site about fish abundance, hydrosystem passage and survival, and habitat information.

This site continues to evolve with improvements to program scale adaptive management tools, including tracking the status of the basin's fish and wildlife resources , communicating progress towards Program goals and quantitative objectives , and informing the program's adaptive management strategy.


The content of the Fish Information site was first developed following guidance in the 2000 Fish and Wildlife program for the Council to initiate a process for establishing an internet-based system for the efficient dissemination of data for the Columbia basin. In 2003, the Council recommended that Bonneville fund the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority (Authority) to compile an annual report on the status and trends of the fish and wildlife populations in the Columbia River Basin, resulting in the implementation of the Status of the Resources project (SOTR).

By 2005 the fish and wildlife managers participating in the Authority designed a process for continuous data inventory/reporting exercise that provide information about fish and wildlife through a publicly accessible SOTR website. During 2012 the Council formed the Program Evaluation and Reporting Committee (PERC) to define and evaluate Program information needs . Based on the PERC findings, during the Council's November 2012 meeting, the Council recommended that Council and Bonneville staff develop an approach to address the technical service and information gaps created by the dissolution of the Authority that would support the Program's reporting needs including status and trend graphics for focal species. This informed the Council's February 2013 recommendation that Bonneville fund the Fish Data Product project to support the maintenance and evolution of this Fish Information site and integration with other Program tools such as the HLI site .

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