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Pageviews Analysis – URL Structure Toggle navigation Help FAQ URL Structure Documentation Report an issue English Help translate Pageviews Langviews Topviews Siteviews Massviews Redirect Views Userviews Mediaviews Pageviews Analysis URL Structure To get the latest data on a given page on your wiki, with default options, use: https://pageviews.toolforge.org/?project=en.wikipedia.org&pages={{FULLPAGENAMEE}} replacing en.wikipedia.org with a valid project . {{FULLPAGENAMEE}} will resolve to the page the link is placed on Parameters Can be used in any orderprojecten.wikipedia.org (default) or other valid project .pages Escaped page names separated by | characters such as Cat|Dog (default) For linking to the current page on wiki, use {{FULLPAGENAMEE}}range A special range to use instead of exact start and end dates. May be one of the following: latest (default) The last 20 days of data latest-N where N is a number. For example latest-30 will show the last 30 days of data current The latest available day this-week This week last-week Last week this-month This month last-month Last month this-year This year last-year Last year all-time All time start Start date in the format YYYY-MM-DD.Omit this parameter and the end parameter to show the most recent data. Using the format YYYY-MM will be treated as the start month, and show monthly data instead of daily. Use earliestend End date in the format YYYY-MM-DD, defaults to previous day. Using the format YYYY-MM will be treated as the end month, and show monthly data instead of daily. Use latest for the latest available day. platform One of: all-access (default), desktop, mobile-app, mobile-webagent One of user (human viewer, default), spider (search engine crawlers), automated (automated programs), or all-agents (all types)redirects Includes the pageviews of all redirects of the request pages. Set to 1 to enable or 0 to disable (default). Redirects can be forced to be shown if the "Always include redirects" option is selected in the user's settings. Also note that if there are a lot of redirects, it can significantly slow down the tool.autolog Set to false to disable automatically setting the "Logarithmic scale" optionmutevalidations Set to true to disable warnings from being shown when validating the form. Defaults will still be applied to invalid input as they would normally. Return to Pageviews Analysis × It looks like you're using an ad blocker! Pageviews Analysis does not show any ads, but your ad blocker may prevent some metrics from being shown because they contain the word 'pageview'. If the tool is not working properly, please disable the ad blocker for pageviews.toolforge.org Brought to you by MusikAnimal , Kaldari , and Marcel Ruiz Forns . Hosted with ♥ on Toolforge . Translations powered by translatewiki.net , jQuery.i18n and Intuition . FAQ · URL Structure · View source · Report an issue
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