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Alternative paid contribution disclosure policies List of policies related to paid editing
Disclosure of paid contributions to any of the Wikimedia projects is a requirement under the disclosure provision of the Terms of use . Nonetheless, individual projects may create an alternative disclosure policy when their projects or communities have particular needs to either strengthen or reduce the requirements.

The provision gives communities discretion to adjust the rules for their specific community after following the project's standard consensus-based process for establishing core policies.

Adopting an alternative disclosure policy requires consensus, consistent with the project’s past practice and local understanding of what consensus is.

After creating such a policy, projects must include their policy here. This list will help editors and sister projects to quickly discover what the local project policy for paid editing is, or if the default applies.
ContentsEstablished policies[ edit ]Does not require any disclosure[ edit ]

Wikimedia Commons:

Paid contribution disclosure policy


Paid editing policy

MediaWiki Wiki:

MediaWiki paid contribution disclosure policy

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Paid contribution disclosure policy Other[ edit ]

English Wikipedia:

Paid-contribution disclosure policy (strengthened)

French Wikipedia:

Aide:Contributions rémunérées (and Wikipédia:Respect de l'obligation de transparence à vérifier ; shortcut: WP:ROTV )

Italian Wikipedia:

w:it:Wikipedia:Cancellazioni immediate 15 and w:it:Wikipedia:Pagina utente (strengthening of the global policy); w:it:Wikipedia:Avvertenze sulla contribuzione su commissione

Russian Wikipedia:

w:ru:Википедия:Оплачиваемое участие (strengthening global policy: disclosure has be posted to central list , limitations for some groups of editors)Related policies and policies under discussion[ edit ]See the list of policies related to paid editing . Retrieved from " https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Alternative_paid_contribution_disclosure_policies&oldid=21248164 " Categories : Cross-project comparisons Paid editing Navigation menuPersonal toolsNot logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in Namespaces Content page Discussion VariantsViews Read Edit View history MoreSearch
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