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These are all official policies of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikimedia wikis

These policies, in addition to the terms of use , apply to all Wikimedia wikis.

Universal Code of Conduct (passed December 2020) Access to nonpublic personal data policy (passed April 2014, updated November 2018) Data retention guidelines Donor policy (first passed October 2007, updated June 2011) Licensing policy (passed March 2007) Non discrimination policy (passed January 2006) Privacy policy (last revised April 2014) Trademark policy (last revised February 2014)Board and staff members

These policies apply to Board and staff members and are maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation Board and staff. They usually regulate activities of the whole staff itself in its autonomy, or are logical or necessary consequence of other norms.

Code of conduct policy (passed October 2007) Code of conduct of the Board of Trustees (passed April 2016) Conflict of interest policy (passed September 2006, updated June 2016) Confidentiality agreement of the Board of Trustees (passed April 2016) Credit card usage policy (February 2008) Delegation of authority policy (July 2012, updated March 2016) Duty entertainment guidelines policy (June 2008) FCPA Policy (March 2016) Gift policy (updated and passed May 2016) Pluralism, internationalism, and diversity policy (June 2008) Travel policy (July 2007) Travel approval policy (October 2007) Whistleblower policy (passed June 2007)Other

Other documents provide more information on how some Wikimedia Foundation activities are conducted and are usually maintained by the staff who conduct those activities.

Requests for user information procedures & guidelines (April 2014) Bugzilla administrator rights policy (June 2013) DMCA Policy (posted January 2014) Feedback privacy statement (October 2011) Friendly space policy (January 2012) Fundraising principles (January 2012) Funds dissemination principles (January 2012) Legal policies (July 2011) Purchasing and disbursements procedures (November 2010) Open access policy (March 2015) Office actions policy (February 2016)Charters Audit Committee (October 2012) Governance Committee (April 2013) Human Resources Committee (October 2012)Related documents

Forms, templates and so on.

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