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Wikisource is an online library of free-content texts. Wikisource is maintained by a community of 2,982,928 registered users—437 of them have made edits in the last thirty days. If you want to join our community, just create an account and start editing .
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Page Status Count
Validated 475,809
Proofread 805,284
Problematic 35,224
Not proofread 930,580
Without text 177,262

This table shows the total numbers of pages currently in the five categories of the Page namespace.

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NCGLE v Minister of Home Affairs.djvu

NCGLE v Minister of Home Affairs.djvu , Die Grundhypothesen der Elektronentheorie.djvu , A simplified grammar of the Danish language.djvu ( more... )

Proofread: Emblem-question.svg

Rudyard Kipling's verse - Inclusive Edition 1885-1918.djvu

Rudyard Kipling's verse - Inclusive Edition 1885-1918.djvu , 1888 Cicero's Tusculan Disputations.djvu , The ancient interpretation of Leviticus XVIII. 18 - Marriage with a deceased wife's sister is lawful.djvu ( more... )

Match and split: Emblem-question.svg

The Collected Works of Theodore Parker Slavery part 2 volume 6.djvu

The Collected Works of Theodore Parker Slavery part 2 volume 6.djvu , The collected works of Theodore Parker volume 8.djvu , Catalog of Copyright Entries 1977 Books and Pamphlets Jan-June.pdf ( more... )

Add images: Emblem-question.svg

Discoveries in Australia/Volume 2/Charts

Discoveries in Australia/Volume 2/Charts , ITWAMOL-image , Steam Heating and Ventilation/Chapter II ( more... )

Add tables: Emblem-question.svg

The Economic Journal Volume 1.djvu/766

The Economic Journal Volume 1.djvu/766 , Canada Gazette, June-December 1868.djvu/421 , Canada Gazette, June-December 1868.djvu/218 ( more... )

Split into different works:

United States - Cuban Agreements and Treaty of 1934

United States - Cuban Agreements and Treaty of 1934 , The German Surrender Documents of World War II , Better Eyesight Magazine/July 1919 ( more... )

Split into sections: Emblem-question.svg

Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Life and Adventures of Santa Claus , David Irving v Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt/V , David Irving v Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt/XIII ( more... )

Move sections to subpages: Emblem-question.svg No pages meet these criteria.( more... )

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The current Community collaboration is proofreading the text of Slavery in the United States (1837)

Recent collaborations: Leaves of Grass (1860) , The Sikh Religion , Eminent Women Series , Edward VII of the United Kingdom , Henry David Thoreau , WikiProject NARA

Charles Ball Black U.S. Chesapeake Flotilla Sailor cropped.jpg
Featured article star - check.svg The current Proofread of the Month is  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes  (1925) by Anita Loos .

Recent collaborations: Appeal to the Wealthy of the Land , Attainder of Treason and Confiscation of the Property of Rebels , Remarks on the British Quarantine Laws , A Sportsman's Sketches , Studies in Lowland Scots , Weird Tales, Volume 1, Number 1 , The Aquarium , A Biographical Dictionary of the Celebrated Women of Every Age and Country , The Waning of the Middle Ages , War and Peace , The Hittites

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