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List of abbreviations ( help ):rEdit flagged by O R ES N N ew page m M inor edit b B ot edit DEdit made at Wikidata(±123)Page size change in bytes18 February 2020 diff hist User talk:Dragonboy37526 ‎00:10+595‎ ‎ M.Bitton talk contribs ‎ User warning for unconstructive editing found using STiki Tag : STiki diff hist Talk:List of Neighbours characters ‎00:10+1,031‎ ‎ JuneGloom07 talk contribs →‎Mackenzie's status : re diff hist Talk:1946 United States House of Representatives elections ‎00:10+5‎ ‎ TommyBoy talk contribs ‎ Rate as B-class for two WikiProjects Tags : Mobile editMobile web edit diff hist m Bungil Creek ‎00:10-78‎ ‎ M.Bitton talk contribs ‎ Reverted 1 edit by Dragonboy37526 identified as test/vandalism using STiki Tags : Undo STiki diff hist Talk:Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution ‎00:10+1,532‎ ‎ talk →‎Scenario diff hist Draft:Astronaut (2019 film) ‎00:10+257‎ ‎ TJRC talk contribs →‎top : Speedy diff hist Hamish Gaman ‎00:10+1,418‎ ‎ Hergilei talk contribs →‎References diff hist Othaikku Othai ‎00:100‎ ‎ DragoMynaa talk contribs diff hist Pablo Acosta Villarreal ‎00:10+1‎ ‎ RonaldPlate talk contribs ‎ Blank space inserted diff hist List of Marvel Comics publications (H–L) ‎00:10+44‎ ‎ Wilkinswontkins talk contribs diff hist R44 (New York City Subway car) ‎00:10-1‎ ‎ Jemorie talk contribs →‎Retirement diff hist User:23dww01/WNT Caps ‎00:10+821‎ ‎ 23dww01 talk contribs Tag : Visual edit diff hist Independent Democratic Conference ‎00:10+2,139‎ ‎ Kyjama talk contribs →‎2018 State Senate elections Tag : Visual edit diff hist User talk: ‎00:10+1,251‎ ‎ EvergreenFir talk contribs ‎ You have been blocked from editing for persistent vandalism . ( TW ) Block log 00:10 EvergreenFir talk contribs blocked talk with an expiration time of 31 hours (anon. only, account creation blocked) ‎( Vandalism ) diff hist Fire Fight Australia ‎00:10+106‎ ‎ Tobyjamesaus talk contribs →‎Performers and set list : added wiki links to Pete Murray songs diff hist User:Goszei/sandbox4 ‎00:10-7‎ ‎ Goszei talk contribs →‎Light novels diff hist Template:2020 West Coast Conference baseball standings ‎00:10+2‎ ‎ Billcasey905 talk contribs ‎ update for opening weekenddiff hist N User:Nhooloo1/Choose an Article ‎00:10+3,323‎ ‎ Nhooloo1 talk contribs Created page with '== Article Selection == Please list articles that you're considering for your Wikipedia assignment below. Begin to critique these articles and find relevant sou...' Tag : Visual edit diff hist m Port of Wisbech ‎00:10-30‎ ‎ Kind Tennis Fan talk contribs ‎ date formats per MOS:DATEFORMAT by script diff hist George Derville Rowlandson ‎00:10+209‎ ‎ Jimbo2014 talk contribs diff hist Shmuel Rosner ‎00:10-1‎ ‎ talk →‎Controversy diff hist Georgia's 11th congressional district ‎00:10+2‎ ‎ talk →‎Recent results in presidential elections diff hist m Family tree of ancient Chinese emperors ‎00:10+437‎ ‎ A garbage person talk contribs →‎Five Emperors : language tags Block log 00:10 ST47 talk contribs blocked talk with an expiration time of 14 days (account creation blocked) ‎({{blocked proxy}} <!-- -->) diff hist Roger Stone ‎00:10+21‎ ‎ Tbhotch talk contribs ‎ Adding {{pp-blp}} ( TW ) diff hist Emmanuel Sabbi ‎00:10-2‎ ‎ Anwegmann talk contribs diff hist Japan National Route 394 ‎00:10+82‎ ‎ Mccunicano talk contribs →‎Major junctions and features : disambiguation edits diff hist Imad Khalili ‎00:10+27‎ ‎ Derby 95 talk contribs diff hist 2019–20 Super 6 ‎00:10+287‎ ‎ Aedis1 talk contribs →‎League Stage rounds diff hist Vito Corleone ‎00:10+5‎ ‎ talk ‎ New info Tags : Mobile editMobile web edit Visual edit nowiki added diff hist David Sherbeck ‎00:09+63‎ ‎ Jevansen talk contribs ‎ added Category:College men's tennis players in the United States using HotCat diff hist User talk:OceanHok ‎00:09+173‎ ‎ Baffle gab1978 talk contribs →‎February 2020 : notify of requested GOCE copy-edit to XCOM 2 diff hist m Casaquin ‎00:09-1‎ ‎ WereSpielChequers talk contribs →‎Wear : Typo fixing , replaced: her self → herself Tag : AWB diff hist N Template:Sweden-glacier-stub ‎00:09+35‎ ‎ Fadesga talk contribs Redirected page to Template:Glacier-stub Tag : New redirect Block log 00:09 ST47 talk contribs blocked talk with an expiration time of 14 days (account creation blocked) ‎({{blocked proxy}} <!-- -->) diff hist m Impala (album) ‎00:09+117‎ ‎ Neuralstatic talk contribs →‎Track listing : added song lengths diff hist User:Stelephand/sandbox ‎00:09+250‎ ‎ talk →‎Contestant Progress diff hist Second Johnson ministry ‎00:09+50‎ ‎ 2a02:c7f:3a45:c300:f9bd:33a2:5869:601f talk →‎Parliament diff hist At the Beach LA ‎00:09-4‎ ‎ Broadmoor talk contribs →‎Present diff hist N User:Amaclae/Organic hydroponics/Bibliography ‎00:09+544‎ ‎ Amaclae talk contribs Created page with '== Bibliography == Chapman, Tom. “Formal Recommendation.” ''From: National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)'', www.ams.usda.gov/sites/default/files/media/CSHy...' Tag : Visual edit diff hist Edgar Bronfman Jr. ‎00:09-142‎ ‎ talk →‎Film producing : Unsourced blp. Is there proof of this? diff hist User talk:HutchKatie ‎00:09+1,833‎ ‎ ToBeFree talk contribs ‎ Welcome to Wikipedia! ( TW ) diff hist Martha Williamson ‎00:09-59‎ ‎ MarnetteD talk contribs ‎ rmv deprecated field diff hist Cold Feet ‎00:09+1‎ ‎ talk Tags : Mobile editMobile web edit diff hist Ashraf Sinclair ‎00:09-2‎ ‎ Flix11 talk contribs ‎ add diff hist Talk:Impeachment trial of Donald Trump ‎00:09+665‎ ‎ MelanieN talk contribs →‎Alleged retaliation sacking of Vindman and Sondland diff hist Sri Divya ‎00:09-2‎ ‎ DragoMynaa talk contribs →‎Filmography diff hist Khalistani groups ‎00:090‎ ‎ 2a01:4c8:72:5a96:d8a1:2084:63e:8926 talk →‎Pro-Khalistan groups Tags : Mobile editMobile web edit diff hist Afro-Latin Americans ‎00:09-125‎ ‎ talk Retrieved from " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges "Navigation menuPersonal toolsNot logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in Namespaces Special page VariantsViewsMoreSearch
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