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Ravn virus
Virus classification e
(unranked): Virus
Realm : Riboviria
Phylum: Negarnaviricota
Class: Monjiviricetes
Order: Mononegavirales
Family: Filoviridae
Genus: Marburgvirus
Species: Marburg marburgvirus
Virus: Ravn virus

Ravn virus ( / ˈ r æ v ən / ; RAVV ) is a close relative of the much more commonly known Marburg virus (MARV) . RAVV causes Marburg virus disease in humans and nonhuman primates , a form of viral hemorrhagic fever . RAVV is a Select agent , World Health Organization Risk Group 4 Pathogen (requiring Biosafety Level 4-equivalent containment ), National Institutes of Health / National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Category A Priority Pathogen, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Category A Bioterrorism Agent , and listed as a Biological Agent for Export Control by the Australia Group .

ContentsUse of term[ edit ]

Ravn virus (today abbreviated RAVV, but then considered identical to Marburg virus) was first described in 1996. Today, the virus is classified as one of two members of the species Marburg marburgvirus , which is included into the genus Marburgvirus , family Filoviridae , order Mononegavirales . The name Ravn virus is derived from Ravn (the name of the Danish patient from whom this virus was first isolated) and the taxonomic suffix virus .

According to the rules for taxon naming established by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV), the name Ravn virus is always to be capitalized , but is never italicized , and may be abbreviated (with RAVV being the official abbreviation). [ citation needed ]

Previous designations[ edit ]

Ravn virus was first introduced as a new "subtype" of Marburg virus in 1996. In 2006, a thorough whole-genome analysis of all marburgviruses revealed the existence of five distinct genetic lineages. The genomes of representative isolates of four of those lineages differed from each other by only 0-7.8% on the nucleotide level, whereas representatives of the fifth lineage, including the new "subtype", differed from those of the other lineages by up to 21.3%. Consequently, the fifth genetic lineage was reclassified as a virus, Ravn virus (RAVV), distinct from the virus represented by the four more closely related lineages, Marburg virus (MARV).

Virus inclusion criteria[ edit ]

A virus that fulfills the criteria for being a member of the species Marburg marburgvirus is a Ravn virus if it has the properties of Marburg marburgviruses and if its genome diverges from that of the prototype Marburg marburgvirus, Marburg virus variant Musoke (MARV/Mus), by ≥10% but from that of the prototype Ravn virus (variant Ravn) by <10% at the nucleotide level.

Disease[ edit ]Main article: Marburg virus disease

RAVV is one of two marburgviruses that causes Marburg virus disease (MVD) in humans (in the literature also often referred to as Marburg hemorrhagic fever, MHF). MVD due to RAVV infection cannot be differentiated from MVD caused by MARV by clinical observation alone, which is why the clinical presentation and pathology of infections by all marburgviruses is presented together on a separate page (see Marburg virus disease (MVD) ). In the past, RAVV has caused the following MVD outbreaks:

Marburg virus disease (MVD) outbreaks due to Ravn virus (RAVV) infection
Year Geographic location Human cases/deaths (case-fatality rate)
1987 Kenya 1/1 (100%)
1998–2000 Durba and Watsa , Democratic Republic of the Congo ? (A total of 154 cases and 128 deaths of marburgvirus infection were recorded during this outbreak. The case fatality was 83%. Two different marburgviruses, RAVV and Marburg virus (MARV), cocirculated and caused disease. It has never been published how many cases and deaths were due to RAVV or MARV infection)
2007 Uganda 0/1 (0%)
Virology[ edit ]

RAVV is basically uncharacterized on a molecular level. However, its genomic sequence, and with it the genomic organization and the conservation of individual open reading frames , is similar to that of Marburg virus. It is therefore currently assumed that the knowledge obtained for MARV can be extrapolated to RAVV and that all RAVV proteins behave analogous to those of MARV. [ citation needed ]

Ecology[ edit ]

In 2009, the successful isolation of infectious RAVV was reported from caught healthy Egyptian rousettes ( Rousettus aegyptiacus ). This isolation, together with the isolation of infectious MARV, strongly suggests that Old World fruit bats are involved in the natural maintenance of marburgviruses. Further studies are necessary to establish whether Egyptian rousettes are the actual hosts of RAVV and MARV or whether they get infected via contact with another animal and therefore serve only as intermediate hosts. [ citation needed ]

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