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Portal:Current events - Wikipedia Page protected Portal:Current eventsFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia's portal for exploring content related to Current events Edit instructions Worldwide current events Sports events Topics in the news Evo Morales in 2017 Evo MoralesAfter weeks of protests over electoral fraud , Bolivian president Evo Morales (pictured) and other high-ranking politicians are forced to resign , and opposition senator Jeanine Áñez becomes interim president. A border corridor is opened between Pakistan and India, allowing Indian Sikh pilgrims visa-free access to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib for the first time since the partition .Scientists describe Danuvius guggenmosi , a new species of ancient great ape capable of upright walking . Ongoing : Hong Kong protests Trump impeachment inquiry Recent deaths : T. N. Seshan Nabaneeta Dev Sen Margarita Salas Yvette Lundy Ren Xuefeng Gert Boyle Nominate an article Current events of November 12, 2019 (2019-11-12) (Tuesday) edit history watch Current events of November 11, 2019 (2019-11-11) (Monday) edit history watch Armed conflicts and attacks 2019 Bolivian protests , Evo Morales government resignation Buildings were set alight in La Paz overnight in apparent retaliatory attacks after Evo Morales resigned under pressure from anger over his disputed re-election. (Reuters) Armed gangs attacked people in Cochabamba who appeared to be celebrating Evo Morales resignation. ( The New York Times ) The drinking water supplies to both La Paz and El Alto , Bolivia's top two largest cities, were cut off. ( The New York Times ) Arts and cultureThe wreckage of the United States Navy 's submarine USS Grayback (SS-208) , which disappeared with its 80 crew members in the East China Sea on 27 February, 1944, is discovered on the sea floor using new drone technology. (BBC) (CNN) Distasters and accidentsA 600 tonne section of the curtain wall at Lewes Castle falls onto an adjacent house and garden. No casualties have been found. (BBC) Law and crime James Le Mesurier , the British co-founder of the White Helmets , a volunteer civil defence organisation in Syria , is found dead near his home in Istanbul , Turkey . The cause of death is not known. Last week, Russia 's Foreign Ministry accused Le Mesurier of being a former Secret Intelligence Service agent. (BBC) Cristian Sabou pleads guilty to the murder of Valerie Graves . He is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 23 years 272 days. The Guardian Politics and elections 2019 Hong Kong protests Protesters in Hong Kong call for a city-wide strike amidst an escalation in violence. Police shot a man with a live round at point-blank range in Sai Wan Ho district, besieged the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University , and fired tear gas inside the campuses. (Reuters) Embattled Hong Kong leader, Carrie Lam , says on Monday that violence has exceeded protesters' demands for democracy and labels the demonstrators as the "people's enemy". (Reuters) The Kiribati High Court clears the way for the opposition to file a motion of no-confidence against the President Taneti Mamau , amid reported discontent with the government's decision to switch its diplomation recognition of Taiwan to recognition of the People's Republic of China . (RNZ) 2019 United Kingdom general election Major parties put forward veterans' platforms for Remembrance Day , the first in a campaign season since the 1923 election , with the Conservatives proposing an amendment to the Human Rights Act so that it will no longer apply to The Troubles or other 20th-century actions. This is the 100th anniversary of the two-minute silence and other Armistice Day commemorations worldwide. (BBC) (Wikispore) Current events of November 10, 2019 (2019-11-10) (Sunday) edit history watch Armed conflicts and attacksFive Italian soldiers are wounded by a bombing in Kirkuk , Iraq . Three of the soldiers are seriously injured, two of whom suffers an amputated leg, while another an amputated foot. The Islamic State claims responsibility for the attack. ( Il Messaggero ) The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo announces it has "neutralized" the leader of an offshoot of a Hutu militia, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda , in another blow to a "weakened group". (Reuters) Turkey says a car bomb near the Syrian city of Tell Abyad killed at least eight civilians and injured twenty others. ( The Washington Post ) 2019 Hong Kong protests Protesters vandalize a subway station as violence breaks out across the New Territories amid anger over a demonstrator's death and the arrest of pro-democracy politicians. (ABC News Australia) Arts and culture 2019 Japanese imperial transition The new Emperor Naruhito and his wife Empress Masako take part in a parade in central Tokyo as tens of thousands of onlookers line the streets in celebration of the emperor's enthronement . (Mainichi Shinbun) (Kyodo News) (Associated Press) Politics and elections 2019 Bolivian protests , Evo Morales government resignation Bolivian President Evo Morales announces new general elections after accusations of fraud. ( El País ) (DW) ( The New York Times ) Hours after the announcement, Morales resigns from the presidency amid pressure from the military and the police in what he deemed a ' coup '. (BBC) ( The Guardian ) The constitutional successors of Morales, Vice President Álvaro García Linera , President of the Senate Adriana Salvatierra and President of the Chamber of Deputies Víctor Borda also resign. Mining Minister César Navarro also announces his resignation. (Reuters) (Reuters 2 ) Vice President of the Senate Jeanine Áñez becomes the acting president of Bolivia, the first woman to ascend to that office. (BBC Mundo) 2019 Romanian presidential election People in Romania cast their votes in the country's latest presidential election. (DW) Israel–Jordan peace treaty Israel returns the territory of the " Island of Peace " to Jordan. ( The Times of Israel ) November 2019 Spanish general election Citizens of Spain head to the polls for the second general election within a year. (DW) The PSOE , headed by incumbent Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez , wins the election but loses 3 seats and its absolute majority in the Senate . Political deadlock remains. ( The Guardian ) Far-right Vox gains 28 seats and raises from fifth to the third national force. (BBC) The center-right Citizens , the third national force going into the elections, goes from 57 seats in Congress to just 10, the biggest seat loss in the election. Albert Rivera quits as Citizens' leader as a result. ( El País ) 2019 Chilean protests An American white supremacist shoots a protester in Reñaca . Before being detained by the police, he uploads a video to YouTube confessing the attack, claiming to have fired in self-defense . ( El Mostrador ) Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel announces the government will propose the creation of a new constitution through the existing Congress instead of a constituent assembly as requested by the protesters. (Cooperativa) Sports 2019 MLS Cup Playoffs The Seattle Sounders FC defeat Toronto FC 3–1 at CenturyLink Field to win their second MLS Cup. (MLS Soccer) Current events of November 9, 2019 (2019-11-09) (Saturday) edit history watch Armed conflicts and attacks 2019 Chilean protests Overnight, protesters forcibly storm the Argentine embassy in Santiago and set it on fire because of the Argentine government 's support for President Sebastián Piñera . Ambassador José Octavio Bordón is unharmed and now considering moving the embassy. (MDZol in Spanish) 2019 Bolivian protests Police guards outside Bolivia's presidential palace abandoned their posts and join the protest against Evo Morales . (Associated Press) (Fox News) Disasters and accidents Bushfires in Australia The bodies of three people killed by bushfires in Australia are found – two near Glen Innes , and one at Johns River – as fires that have destroyed at least 150 houses continue to burn in eastern New South Wales and Queensland . ( The Sydney Morning Herald ) Half a million people are evacuated from the Bangladesh coastal area in preparation for the landfall of Cyclone Bulbul . (CNN) Law and crime Ayodhya dispute The Supreme Court of India rules in favor of Hindus over a place of worship that has been the center of disputes between them and the Muslim community in the country. (Reuters) Politics and elections President of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio calls for urgent action on Guinea-Bissau to "avoid a civil war ". He makes the statement before the Chairman of ECOWAS , Nigerien President Mahamadou Issoufou . (The Patriotic Vanguard) Current events of November 8, 2019 (2019-11-08) (Friday) edit history watch Disasters and accidentsA 5.9-magnitude earthquake strikes 60 km (35 miles) from Hashtrud , East Azerbaijan Province , in northwestern Iran , killing at least six and injuring more than 300. The United States Geological Survey warns that "significant casualties are likely and the disaster is potentially widespread". (Al Jazeera) An explosion in a mine in Teutschenthal , Saxony-Anhalt , Germany , injures two workers and traps around 30 underground in a secure area. All are rescued several hours later. (Deutsche Welle) Law and crimeTakuma Sakuragi, a 76-year-old former Japanese assemblyman from Inazawa, Aichi , is sentenced to life in prison by the Guangzhou City First Intermediate Court in southern China for smuggling drugs hidden in his suitcase at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in October 2013 (he had been detained by Chinese authorities since then). (KYODO NEWS) (Los Angeles Times) A federal judge orders the immediate release of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva . (Reuters) 2019 Hong Kong protests A student from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), named Chow Tsz-lok, died after suffering brain damage following a fall during anti-government protests. (The Guardian) (The New York Times) Impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump During her testimony before U.S. House investigators last month in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump , Fiona Hill , Trump's former top adviser on Russia and Europe , said that she received death threats and "hateful calls" and was the subject of false " conspiracy theories " as part of a targeted harassment campaign she claims was implemented after she agreed to cooperate with the inquiry, according to a deposition transcript. (NBC News) Politics and elections Turkey 's Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announces that his country will begin repatriating ISIL prisoners on Monday. (Reuters) Under pressure of sanctions by ECOWAS , newly appointed Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau Faustino Imbali resigns. (Yahoo News) 2019 Bolivian protests Several dozen policemen were seen joining the protests against Evo Morales' government in at least three cities. Bolivia's defence minister stated that no "military measures" would be taken against the policemen, but added that he would "get" the disobedient officers. (Reuters) (The Guardian) Current events of November 7, 2019 (2019-11-07) (Thursday) edit history watch Disasters and accidentsA Cirrus SR22 crashes into a house in Upland, California , killing the pilot. ( Los Angeles Times ) Law and crime LGBT rights in Malaysia Five Malaysian men are sentenced to six months in jail, fined, and caned for "attempting gay sex". (Reuters) The International Criminal Court sentences Bosco Ntaganda to 30 years in prison for war crimes as leader of the National Congress for the Defence of the People which operated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) . (Al Jazeera) 2019 Bolivian protests The mayor of Vinto , Patricia Arce of the ruling MAS party, is attacked by opposition protesters who dragged her through the streets barefoot, covered her in red paint and forcibly cut her hair. (BBC News) Limbert Guzman, a 20-year-old student, is killed following clashes between supporters and opponents of Bolivian President Evo Morales . (Voice of America) Politics and elections 2019 Mauritian general election Citizens of Mauritius cast their vote in the country's latest parliamentary election . Militant Socialist Movement , led by incumbent Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth wins a huge majority securing the re-election. (Foreign Brief) (The New York Times) (Reuters) Current events of November 6, 2019 (2019-11-06) (Wednesday) edit history watch Armed conflicts and attacks Terrorism in Tajikistan Twenty gunmen open fire around a border checkpoint between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan , killing a border guard and a policeman. Fifteen assailants are killed and five others captured. (Al Jazeera) A knife-wielding man launched a random assault wounding eight people, including four foreign tourists and four locals, before being arrested in Jerash , Jordan . A Mexican tourist and a Jordanian tour guide are seriously injured. Among the injured there is a bus driver stabbed while trying to stop the assailant from entering a cafeteria full of tourists. (BBC News) Allied Democratic Forces insurgency Ten civilians are killed by ADF militiamen who crossed the border from Uganda into the Beni Territory , North Kivu , DR Congo . (France 24) Insurgency in the Maghreb 2019 Fada N'gourma attack Thirty-seven people are dead and 60 others are injured after gunmen attack a Canadian gold mining company convoy on a road in Burkina Faso . (BBC News) France announces it will send ground troops to three border areas in Burkina Faso . (Al Jazeera) 2019 Yala attack Gunmen kill 15 people and injure five at a security checkpoint in Yala Province , Thailand. The attack is the most deadly in years. (Reuters) ( Bangkok Post ) 2019 Hong Kong protests Hong Kong pro-government politician Junius Ho and his assistant are hospitalized after being stabbed by a man pretending to be a supporter. The perpetrator is arrested. (BBC News) (CNN) ( South China Morning Post ) LeBarón family massacre A suspect has been arrested for the mass shooting in Sonora , Mexico . ( USA Today ) 2019 Iraqi protests At least three people are killed, and a further 17 wounded, when security forces fire at protestors trying to block a bridge in Baghdad . This is in spite of the government announcing the military was banned from using live rounds. (Al Jazeera) Business and economy Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal A court filing by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra reveals for the first time that the state launched an 18-month investigation into Facebook ’s privacy issues in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The filing accuses the company of refusing to cooperate with investigators, and asks the court to require them to turn over information regarding third-party access to data and changes in privacy settings. (Reuters) International relations Israel–Jordan relations Israel releases two Jordanian citizens it held in detention since August, after the Jordanian government successfully negotiated for their release on Monday. (Al Jazeera) Nuclear program of Iran French media reports that Iranian nuclear scientists began injecting uranium into centrifuges in the presence of International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors at the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant . Effectively it turns the plant from a research site into an active nuclear site, in further violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action . (Al Jazeera) Law and crime Dutch police evacuate passengers and crew onboard an Air Europa flight at Amsterdam 's Schiphol Airport to investigate reports of a "suspicious situation". The airline later tweets it was a false alarm. (BBC News) (NL Times) 2019 Chilean protests Regional prosecutor for East Santiago Manuel Guerra announces his intentions to investigate 14 police officers for allegedly torturing protestors. (Reuters) Two former Twitter employees are charged for spying on at least 6,000 users on behalf of Saudi Arabia . (BBC News) Politics and elections 2019 Lebanese protests Protestors sit-in at numerous government ministries, offices of major utility company Électricité du Liban , and property development sites at Zaitunay Bay in Beirut as protests enter their fourth week. (Al Jazeera) Hundreds of students at schools and universities join the protests . (Al Jazeera) More November 2019 events... Time: 00:33 UTC |Day: 12 November
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