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Native to Mayotte , Madagascar
Native speakers
152,000 (2012)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 swb
Glottolog maor1244
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Maore Comorian , or Shimaore ( French Mahorais ), is one of the two indigenous languages spoken in the French -ruled Comorian islands of Mayotte ; Shimaore being a dialect of the Comorian language, while ShiBushi is an unrelated Malayo-Polynesian language originally from Madagascar . Historically, Shimaore- and ShiBushi-speaking villages on Mayotte have been clearly identified, but Shimaore tends to be the de facto indigenous lingua franca in everyday life, because of the larger Shimaore-speaking population. Only Shimaore is represented on the local television news program by RFO . The 2002 census references 80,140 speakers of Shimaore in Mayotte itself, to which one would have to add people living outside the island, mostly in metropolitan France. There are also 20,000 speakers of Comorian in Madagascar, of which 3,000 are Shimaore speakers.

The same 2002 census indicates that 37,840 persons responded as knowing how to read or write Shimaore. However this number has to be taken with caution, since it was a few years after this census was taken that a standard writing system was introduced.

From a sociolinguistic perspective, French tends to be regarded by many Shimaore speakers as the language of higher education and prestige, and there is a temptation by native Mahorans to provide an all-French education to their children. This puts a lot of pressure on Shimaore and the language may become endangered in the near future if nothing is done. [ citation needed ]

Although French remains the official language in Mayotte, Shimaore will probably be taught in Mahoran schools starting in the next few years, and a pilot project began in fall 2004. As in many parts of France where local languages are introduced in the school system, this has led to tensions between partisans of a French-centered education system and administrations, versus those promoting a more diversified approach. [ citation needed ] Shimaore's position in this regard is however different from other French regions (such as Brittany ), since the language is locally spoken by a majority of the population. The project in Mayotte has been inspired by similar projects involving Swahili in eastern Africa countries.

Mayotte is a geographically small territory, but frequent exchanges between villages have not started until the last quarter of the twentieth century. As of 2004, linguistic differences between the east and west part of the island, and between the main city of Mamoudzou and the remote villages, are still noticeable, especially when it comes to phonological differences. One typical example is the word u-la (to eat), notably pronounced this way in the city due to the influence of a brand of yogurt bearing the same name, but pronounced u-dja in other parts of the island.

ContentsOrthography[ edit ]

Shimaore was traditionally written with an informal French -based Latin alphabet. On 22 February 2006, the Conseil de la Culture, de l'Education et de l'Environnement de Mayotte introduced an official alphabet developed by Association ShiMé that utilizes the basic Latin alphabet without c, q, and x and adds three letters: ɓ, ɗ, and v̄.

Shimaore alphabet
Alifuɓe ya Shimaore
Letter A a B b Ɓ ɓ
D d Ɗ ɗ
E e F f G g H h I i J j K k L l M m N n O o P p R r S s T t U u V v V̄ v̄ W w Y y Z z
IPA Value /a/ /b/ / ɓ / /d/ / ɗ / /e/ /f/ /ɡ/ /h/ /i/ / ʒ / /k/ /l/ /m/ /n/ /o/ /p/ /r/ /s/ /t/ /u/ /v/ / β / /w/ / j / /z/
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