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Native to Mali , Niger
Ethnicity Dawsahak
Native speakers
100,000 (2007)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 dsq
Glottolog tada1238
Songhay languages.svg
Location of Songhay languages

Northwest Songhay:


Eastern Songhay:

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People Idaksahak
Language Tadáksahak

Tadaksahak (also Daoussahak, Dausahaq and other spellings, after the Tuareg name for its speakers, Dăwsăhak ) is a Songhay language spoken by the pastoralist Idaksahak of the Ménaka Region of Mali . Its phonology, verb morphology and vocabulary has been strongly influenced by the neighbouring Tuareg languages , Tamasheq and Tamajaq .

ContentsPhonology[ edit ]Vowels[ edit ]
Front Central Back
Close i, iː u, uː
Mid e, eː ǝ o, oː
Open a, aː
Consonants[ edit ]
Labial Alveolar Postalveolar Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Glottal
plain pharyngealized
Nasal m n ŋ
Stop voiceless t k q
voiced b d ɡ
Affricate voiceless
Fricative voiceless f s ʃ x ħ h
voiced z ʒ ɣ ʕ
Approximant l j w
Flap ɾ ɾˤ
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