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Today in Earthquake History Today in Earthquake History This page requires javascript. Please enable javascript and refresh, or use the Earthquake Search . On October 19th...M6.8 - Uttaranchal, India , 1991

Local time: October 20.
One of the world's deadliest earthquakes. Two events about 1.6 seconds apart. At least 2,000 people killed, more than 1,800 injured and 18,000 buildings destroyed in the Chamoli-Uttarkashi area. Some damage occurred at Chandigarh and New Delhi. Felt in northern India, western Nepal and northeastern Pakistan. Landslides occurred in the epicentral area. A 30-meter deep crack was noted in the Uttarkashi area.

M6.3 - Helena, Montana, 1935

Two people were killed by falling bricks, several were injured, and property damage was estimated at about $3 million. The earthquake damaged about 300 buildings, of which more than 200 lost their chimneys. Damage was most severe in 2 and 2 1/2-story brick houses on alluvial soil in northeast Helena, but severe damage also occurred in the southern business section of Helena. Downed chimneys and cracked plaster were common throughout the city, and in sections, almost all chimneys were destroyed. Gables commonly were damaged, regardless of the structural material used or the location of the building.

M4.2 - Near Napoleonville, Louisiana, 1930

The largest historical earthquake in Louisiana.

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