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Jeffrey Epstein used his position of power, influence, and wealth to abuse young women and girls. The brief message that follows relates to matters that are inconsequential in comparison to the pain of the survivors, although it connects to broader issues about the society in which that pain was inflicted and persisted. Like many members … Read More “Message to the Creative Commons Community Regarding Joi Ito”

Uncategorized Sharing, Generosity and Gratitude

Photo Credit: Ryan Merkley, CC BY 4.0 Many friends from the CC and open education communities have noticed my absence from meetings and conferences in the past six months. I’m ready to share why. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune liver disease in 2005, and with liver cancer in September, 2018. The cancer was caused … Read More “Sharing, Generosity and Gratitude”

Education / OER CC’s 4.0 license suite now in Greek

Guest post by Ioanna Tzagaraki from the University of Cyprus. All six of the Creative Commons licenses v4.0 are now available in Greek as a result of the joint and volunteer effort of the University of Cyprus, the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus, and the legal firm Ioannides Demetriou LLC. The multi-year process began when the first draft … Read More “CC’s 4.0 license suite now in Greek”

Uncategorized Statement on the death of CC friend and colleague Bassel Khartabil

We are deeply saddened and completely outraged to learn today that our friend and colleague Bassel Khartabil has been executed by the Syrian regime. Bassel was Creative Commons’ Syrian project lead, an open source software programmer, teacher, Wikipedia contributor, and free culture advocate. He was also a devoted son and husband, and a great friend … Read More “Statement on the death of CC friend and colleague Bassel Khartabil”

Uncategorized Our Proposal to add CC Symbols to Unicode, Round 2

Last October we submitted an initial proposal to get CC license symbols into Unicode. Since then we’ve gotten some feedback from them, incorporated that into our thinking, and submitted an updated application. Here is the new proposal. (The old one for reference here.) The new proposal presents the CC license icons as graphic symbols. We’ve … Read More “Our Proposal to add CC Symbols to Unicode, Round 2”

Technology We want your story ideas about collaboration in the commons

We need your help! Over the next year, we will be investigating and reporting on 2-3 of the most compelling stories about collaboration in the commons. We want to tell the story of when and why a creator first decides to use CC, the kinds of connections they make online, how they invite and encourage … Read More “We want your story ideas about collaboration in the commons”

Arts / culture Network Strategy: What’s next

For the first time, the CC movement has completed a comprehensive and collaborative effort to renew and grow its network, finalized at the recent Global Summit in Toronto.

Global affiliates Wikipedia Says It’s Time for Fair Use in Australia

This week Wikipedia is urging users in Australia to tell their government representatives to champion fair use. The campaign, organised alongside Electronic Frontiers Australia and the Australian Digital Alliance, advocates for policy makers to update copyright law to include fair use, thus providing a progressive legal framework to support creators and remixers, educational activities, and … Read More “Wikipedia Says It’s Time for Fair Use in Australia”

Policy / advocacy / copyright reform Future living with SPACE10: Open Source innovation for a local food system

SPACE10 is a Danish “future living lab” with an open source twist.

Share your work Cloudflare leak: Please reset your CCID password

Web services company Cloudflare revealed late yesterday that it had experienced a large-scale memory leak. About two million websites use Cloudflare for services like content delivery and Internet security. Creative Commons uses Cloudflare, and we investigated this issue as soon as it was reported. We have not found any cause for concern—as far as we … Read More “Cloudflare leak: Please reset your CCID password”

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