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We have exciting news…we published the keynotes from the 2020 CC Global Summit!

In addition to the 170+ sessions hosted at last year’s virtual event, we hosted three keynotes that helped us think through how to connect the events of 2020 with our work—and find a path forward in hope and optimism. We’re excited to share these recordings of the keynotes with you today!

A Culture of Peace

This keynote featured Bushra Ebadi (Canadian Commission for UNESCO), Deepak Ramola (Project FUEL), Leonardo Párraga (Juventudes Por La Paz), and Asha Siad (Memories of Mogadishu). It fostered a necessary discussion on the role “open” plays in advancing peace, challenging the audience to critically examine preconceived notions of open access, open culture, and open knowledge, and to understand the role decolonized and democratized conceptions of these terms will serve in building the future we want. For more on this keynote, check out this Twitter thread !

Hacer Feminista Lo Abierto: Poniendo Nuevos Engranes a La Cultura Libre  

This keynote featured Irene Soria (CC Mexico). Given in Spanish, it set the stage for exploring new definitions of “open.” Using intersectionality as a framing, Irene helped us navigate the relationships between race, gender, and social class as new ways of seeing the open movement. For more on this keynote, check out this Twitter thread !

Democracy for Sale  

This keynote featured Catherine Stihler (CC CEO) and Alek Tarkowski (CC Board Member) speaking with Peter Geoghegan (author of Democracy for Sale ). They discussed the links between fighting for our democracies and fighting for “open” and the public interest. For more on this keynote, check out this Twitter thread !

What’s next?

We’re still working on receiving permission from the speakers to publicly release all of the CC Global Summit video recordings. Once that process is completed, we’ll start creating a catalog on the CC Global Summit website of the approved videos. We ask for your patience and understanding during this process. Thank you!

Missed the CC Global Summit? Take a look at our wrap-up !

As a nonprofit, Creative Commons relies on the generosity of the public to make events like the CC Global Summit possible. If you attended and loved your time at the CC Summit, please consider donating what you can. ✌️ Thank you!

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