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The Czech CC Chapter is finally here! Our Chapter was founded by March 2020, as the first chapter meeting was held both offline and online by the core members of CC Czech Republic and CC supporters and enthusiasts in the vibrant city of Brno. The establishment of the Czech Chapter is an outcome of many previous years of interest and work of its founding members (since 2011) in the Creative Commons community, openness, and specific copyright issues.

The CC Czech Republic, supported by Chapter Lead and Representative to the CC Global Network Lucie Smolka , will continue to develop the Czech environment of commons and other open areas. The Czech Chapter is working closely with the institutional CC Network member NGO Open Content. Board members of Open Content are Lucie Smolka as a CEO, Martin Loučka as a COO and Jiří Marek as a CMO. Members of Open Content are experienced lawyers from different “open” areas such as Open Science, Open Source or Open Educational Resources.

Czech Chapter has recently submitted a statement as part of the consultation process led by the Czech Ministry of Culture on the implementation of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, and is also consulting the Implementation of Open Data Directive. We have also entered the strategic partnership with NGO Otevřená města (Open Cities). This organization deals with digitization of local governments and the Czech Chapter is bringing the necessary legal interoperability expertise. Recently, we have submitted a project proposal for the public research funding by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic with the project called  Re-use System Management , that should bring the abstract re-use economy (so-called “circular economy in cyber-space”) closer to the everyday practice of local governments and NGOs. The goal for the upcoming months is to foster these projects and partnerships and to develop a Czech open community scene.

Join us!

We are looking forward to branching out further in the Czech Republic and  encourage interested people to join us!  You can find more information on the CC Czech Chapter website ! Contact us directly at  info@opencontent.cz , engage with us on  Twitter or Facebook .

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