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Timor-Leste Population Projection  2013 total = 1.180.069 Male: 602,526 Female: 577,544  Click for more Information

Timor-Leste Population Projection  2014 total = 1.212.107 Male: 618,789 Female: 593,318  Click for more  Information

Population and Housing Census 2015  Results  total =  1,183,643  Male: 601,112 Female: 582,531 Click for more Information

Timor-Leste Population Projection  2017 Total = 1,241,506 Male: 633,197 Female: 608,309 Click For More  Information

Timor-Leste Population Projection  2018 Total = 1,261,407 Male: 642,639 Female: 618,768  Click For More  Information

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Total Enumerated Population of Timor-Leste in 2015: 1,183,643 ...
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