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(As of February 14, 2012)

Political Groups in the House Number of Members Abbreviation
The Democratic Party and The Shin-Ryokufukai 104 (20) DP-SR
Liberal Democratic Party, The Sunrise Party of Japan and Group of Independents 86 (16) LDP-SPJ-GI
New Komeito 19 (3) NK
Your Party 11 (0) YP
Japanese Communist Party 6 (2) JCP
Social Democratic Party 4 (1) SDP
The People's New Party 4 (1) PN
New Renaissance Party 2 (0) NRP
Independents 4 (1) -
INCUMBENTS 242 (44) -
Vacancies 0 -

Notes: Figures in parentheses show the number of women members.

Most house members belong to political groups, which is formed based on their political parties. On this Web site, the names of the political groups are abbreviated as listed above for layout reasons. These abbreviations are not the official abbreviations for the various political groups.

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