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Search | Northwest Power and Conservation Council Header Menu Contact Search About Integrating energy and the environment in the Columbia River Basin About the Council Mission and Strategy Members and Staff Bylaws Policies Careers / RFPs News See what the Council is up to. Read the latest news Read All News Press Resources Newsletters International Columbia River Explore News by Topic Fish and Wildlife Planning Salmon and Steelhead Wildlife Energy Planning Energy Efficiency Demand Response Fish and Wildlife The Council works to protect and enhance fish and wildlife in the Columbia River Basin. Its Fish & Wildlife Program guides project funding by the Bonneville Power Administration. Fish & Wildlife overview The Fish and Wildlife Program 2020 Addendum 2014/2020 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program Subbasin Plans Project Reviews and Recommendations Independent Review Groups Independent Economic Analysis Board (IEAB) Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) Independent Scientific Review Panel (ISRP) Forums and Workgroups Asset Management Subcommittee Ocean and Plume Science and Management Forum Regional Coordination Science and Policy Exchange Toxics Workgroup Columbia Basin Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Workgroup Informal Hatchery Workgroup Topics Adaptive Management Anadromous Fish Mitigation Blocked Areas High-level Indicators Invasive and Non-Native Species Lamprey Predation Protected Areas Research Plan Resource Tools and Maps Sea Lions Sockeye Sturgeon The Pike Problem Hatchery Map Energy The Council develops a plan, updated every five years, to ensure the region’s power supply and acquire cost-effective energy efficiency. Energy overview THE NORTHWEST POWER PLAN The 2021 Northwest Power Plan The Seventh Power Plan Planning Process and Past Power Plans TECHNICAL TOOLS AND MODELS Regional Portfolio Model Generation Evaluation System Model (GENESYS) Energy Advisory Committees Conservation Resources Advisory Committee Demand Forecast Advisory Committee Demand Response Advisory Committee Generating Resources Advisory Committee Natural Gas Advisory Committee Resource Adequacy Advisory Committee System Analysis Advisory Committee Regional Technical Forum RTF Policy Advisory Committee System Integration Forum Resource Strategies Advisory Committee (Not Active) Energy Topics Energy Efficiency Demand Response Power Supply Resource Adequacy Energy Storage Hydropower Energy Forums and Workgroups Pacific NW Demand Response Project Northwest Wind Integration Forum (Archive) Meetings See next Council meeting February 9 - 10, 2021 in TBA or webinar › See all meetings › View all council meetings View full calendar Recent and Upcoming MeetingsSwipe left or rightSep 2020Thu10 10:00 am—11:00 am Informal Hatchery Workgroup Meeting Dec 2020Wed09 10:00 am—12:00 pm Informal Hatchery Workgroup Meeting Jan 2021Thu21 9:00 am—12:00 pm Regional Coordination Forum View Council Meetings View all Meetings Reports and Documents Browse reports and documents relevant to the Council's work on fish and wildlife and energy planning, as well as administrative reports. Browse reports Reports by Topic Power Plan Fish and Wildlife Program Subbasin Plans Financial Reports Independent Scientific Advisory Board Independent Scientific Review Panel Independent Economic Analysis Board Columbia River History Project CloseSearchSearch Website Results Document (PDF, Office) results meetingSep 30, 2019 Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Program Sep 30, 2019 The Council will hold a public hearing to take written and oral comments on the proposed amendments to the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program on Monday, September 30, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. reportMay 16, 20182018-6 Request for Recommendations to Amend the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's 2014 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program May 16, 20182018-6 On May 16, 2018, the Council released a letter to the region requesting recommendations on the 2014 Fish and Wildlife Program, thus beginning the program amendment process. reportJul 11, 20182018-4 2017 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program Costs Report Jul 11, 20182018-4 17th Annual Report to the Northwest Governors reportAug 23, 20172014-12 2014/2020 Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program Aug 23, 20172014-12 The Council's program is the largest regional effort to recover and protect fish and wildlife in the nation. webpage 2013-14 Fish and Wildlife Program Amendment Process See recommendations and comments The Council closed the formal comment period on the Columbia River Basin Fish and Wildlife Program recommendations on November 20. The end of the formal comment pe reportJan 1, 20101980 Power Act Northwest Power Act Jan 1, 20101980 Power Act Notes to reader: 1. You can view two versions of this Power Act, identical except as described below. You can jump between them with a link at the top of every section. This United States Code secti newsJan 5, 2021John Harrison Smaller Adults, Lots of Minijacks: NOAA Research Aims to Inform Hatchery Managers Jan 5, 2021John Harrison Pacific salmon from Alaska to California are declining in abundance and maturing younger. Can anything be done to reverse this trend? newsJan 4, 2021John Harrison 2019-2021 Spill Agreement for Dams Was Successful, Agencies and Tribes Say Jan 4, 2021John Harrison The 2019-2021 Flexible Spill Agreement called for increased spill to aid juvenile passage when power prices are low and reduced spill to allow additional power generation when prices are higher. newsJan 4, 2021John Harrison Council Approves Tribes' Hatchery Master Plan for Yakima River Coho and Chinook Salmon Jan 4, 2021John Harrison The plan calls for upgrading production facilities for coho and Chinook salmon with the goal of making the Yakima River the salmon 'workhorse' it once was, in the words of one Yakama Nation Fisheries scientist. newsDec 16, 2020 Clean air, affordable power and environmental mitigation: Northwest Power Act turns 40 Dec 16, 2020 Four decades ago, legislators and policymakers in the Pacific Northwest took a revolutionary leap of faith, writing a law that changed the direction of the region's energy future and made fish and wildlife co-equal with other purposes of hydropower dams in the Columbia River Basin.
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