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Melissa Peterman
Melissa Peterman
Melissa Peterman


The exciting game show comes to life on CMT. The Singing Bee hosted by Melissa Peterman is a musical game show testing contestants knowledge of how well they know their lyrics. You don't have to sing it well. You just have to sing it right!

The beautiful and funny Melissa Peterman gives us a little 'behind the scenes peak' at a recent photo session.

Melissa Peterman is super generous and wants to just give all her stuff to other people. But, as a Mega-star, she just doesn't have the time. So a couple friends help her out by getting rid of some of her stuff for her. You can see how grateful she is.

Melissa Peterman's opening act for Reba McEntire in Morton, MN. It's not the whole thing, but it starts out by her singing what she thinks is real karaoke. It starts to get into better focus as the movie progresses.Sorry for the shakiness and talking (screaming) in the background.

Melissa Peterman opening up for Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire.

Melissa being a lil' obsessive.

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