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WGS84 to KKJ converter WGS84 to KKJ converter

KKJ is not defined outside Finland!

This tool can be used to link WGS84 coordinates to map services that accept Finnish KKJ national grid coordinate system based coordinates only.
It converts the coordinates, subtracts the reference point, and redirects to the requested service with the results.

Formula used to localise coordinates:
P KKJ = P KKJ reference point + P KKJ local
I KKJ = I KKJ reference point + I KKJ local

Usage example:
kkj?latdegdec= 60.168333 &londegdec= 24.95625 &Pref= 6600000 &Iref=2 500000 &link= http://kartta.hel.fi/opas/main/?l=1&m=1&o=1&n={Plocal}&e={Ilocal}


latdegdec WGS84 latitude in decimal degrees
londegdec WGS84 longitude in decimal degrees
Pref P KKJ reference point used in the map service
Iref I KKJ reference point used in the map service
link HTTP link to the map service, where {Plocal} and {Ilocal} will be replaced with P KKJ local and I KKJ local respectively, and {PlocalS} , {PlocalN} , {IlocalW} and {IlocalE} with the viewpoint boundaries.
All parameters are required.

The WGS84 to KKJ code was written by Matti Aarnio and is available from http://www.viestikallio.fi/tools/kkj-wgs84.php .

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