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Here are entered authority files that include both name and subject authority records, as well as works about such files.

URI(s) http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh85009792 info:lc/authorities/sh85009792http://id.loc.gov/authorities/sh85009792#conceptInstance Of MADS/RDF Topic MADS/RDF Authority SKOS Concept Offsite link Scheme Membership(s) Library of Congress Subject Headings Collection Membership(s) LCSH Collection - Authorized Headings LCSH Collection - General Collection LCSH Collection - May Subdivide Geographically VariantsAuthority control (Information retrieval)Authority files (Cataloging)Authority records (Information retrieval)Authority work (Information retrieval)Library authority filesBroader Terms Files (Records) Information retrieval Narrower Terms Medium of performance thesaurus for music, Library of Congress Name authority records (Information retrieval) Series authority records (Information retrieval) Subject headings Related Terms FRAD (Conceptual model) Closely Matching Concepts from Other SchemesWikidata authority control Offsite link Label from public data source WikidataOCLC - FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) Authority files (Information retrieval) Offsite link National Library of France Fichiers d'autorité Offsite link National Library of Germany Normdatei Offsite link Earlier Established FormsAuthority files (Cataloging)Sourcesfound: LC database, Sept. 6, 1995(Indexing BT Information retrieval; Cataloging BT Information retrieval)found: LC database, Sept. 8, 1995(Authority files (Cataloging) not formerly used for actual authority files, but only for discussions. Recently has been used for actual name authority files and for mixed name-and-subject files)found: Kuhagen, J.A. Series training for NACO participants, 2000:t.p. (authority records)found: Burger, R.H. Authority work : the creation, use, maintenance, and evaluation of authority records and files, 1985.found: Clack, D.H. Authority control, 1990.LC ClassificationZ693.3.A88General NotesChange Notes2003-12-08: new2010-06-03: revisedAlternate Formats RDF/XML (MADS and SKOS) N-Triples (MADS and SKOS) JSON (MADS/RDF and SKOS/RDF) MADS - RDF/XML MADS - N-Triples MADS/RDF - JSON SKOS - RDF/XML SKOS - N-Triples SKOS - JSON MADS/XML MARC/XML Subject Of WorksLooking for related works...Contributor To WorksLooking for related works...Suggest terminology

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Authority files (Information retrieval)

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