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prefix rdf: . @prefix rdfs: . @prefix schema: . rdf:type rdfs:Class ; rdfs:subClass schema:Place ; rdfs:label "A fictional place"@en ; rdfs:comment "A fictional place as used in bibliographic descriptions."@en . rdf:type rdfs:Property ; rdfs:label "Bibliographic Format" . rdf:type rdfs:Property ; rdfs:domain schema:Role ; rdfs:range schema:Person ; rdfs:label "Deliberately incorrect person"@en ; rdfs:comment "Author (or contributor in any role) who is either a deliberate mystification, falsification or pseudonym, used to conceal the name of the real author or contributor."@en . rdf:type rdfs:Property ; rdfs:subPropertyOf schema:identifier ; rdfs:label "has Pica Production Number"@en ; rdfs:label "heeft Pica Production Number"@nl ; rdfs:comment "Het PPN is de identifier van bibliografische records in het GGC."@nl . rdf:type rdfs:Property ; rdfs:label "Statement of responsibility part"@en ; rdfs:comment "Used for subfields h and j of Pica+ 021A. Contains information about contributors as stated on the title page of the publication."@en . rdf:type rdfs:Property ; rdfs:label "Has collational formula" ; rdfs:comment "Collational formula for pagination and volumes"@en . rdf:type rdfs:Property ; rdfs:subPropertyOf schema:identifier, schema:disambuiguatingDescription ; rdfs:label "has STCN fingerprint"@en, "heeft STCN fingerprint"@nl ; rdfs:seeAlso .
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